4 Strategies to Rebuild Your Life & Launch Your Next Chapter with Christine Campbell Rapin

online business Jan 10, 2022
4 Strategies to Rebuild Your Life & Launch Your Next Chapter


What happens when life throws you a curveball? Is it time for your next chapter? With over 25 years of thriving in male-dominated industries in the corporate world, Christine Campbell Rapin has learned to define success on her own terms. She joins Cash In On Camera to share her framework to confidently rebuild your life and the next stage of your life and career.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear… 

▶️ [0:33] ​​The last two years, I mean, obviously very unprecedented, but people have had problems for far longer than the last two years in the corporate world. I think a lot of people are experiencing a lot of,  upheaval, maybe downsizing, companies, letting people go all these different things are happening. And so I want you to help us through this process. Why is it important for people to understand that there is another option that they can pursue?
▶️ [3:00] And I really help advocate for people. Start building your own dreams. There's more life than just building somebody else's and listening, can I be vulnerable too? And share a little bit of a personal. The story as well, because it's exactly a line along the lines of what you've just shared.
▶️ [6:06] And sometimes I think, we have a tendency to want to focus on the negative that might be going on at that moment, or the less than desirable things that are going on. But amongst all of that is some good. You have accomplished things sometimes it's a matter of. Sitting down and really thinking about what have I done, what am I really good at, and bolstering or bolstering yourself that way.
▶️ [8:07] I would say, even from my own experience in this, in the space of entrepreneurship and as long as I've been part of it, I think when I first started out, I had visions of, "oh, it's gotta be in the moon". It's gotta be this massive multi-million dollar thing. And I think I was getting that from what I was hearing on the internet.
▶️ [10:35] People will help you. And that leads to conversation and conversation leads to new doors and windows of opportunity opening in ways you won't recognize in ways you don't expect, but they're really the universe working in your favor because you are meant to rise. So is that manifesting? I think part of it is, but nothing in manifestation happens without action.
▶️ [12:26] Energy attracts great energy. And that's why when that starts to move, you're not in control of the timeline, but you absolutely are in charge of the storyline. And I think a little dose of patience is required, we live in an instant gratification society and we see a lot of things on the internet and we see a lot of people,  bragging about success and how I made a million dollars in 30 days.
▶️ [15:38] I never imagined my success will be built around the fact that I said I was fired, but it is something that I really need to get co-candid with. And so my tip is to tell your story. Don't get caught with a big label appropriate.
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