The Best Way To Handle Criticism And Haters with Deborah Reynolds

online business Jan 10, 2022
The Best Way To Handle Criticism And Haters



Do confidence-building and accepting criticism go hand in hand? Deborah Reynolds joins Cash In On Camera to share her insights on building mental fitness, becoming the best version of yourself and achieving big things in your business despite not everyone seeing things your way.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear… 

▶️ [0:52] This is such an important topic because a lot of people have this fear of being on camera and they have this fear of stepping out on stage or being visible. And part of that process,  actually requires that we learn to handle the criticism that comes along with that. Obviously, the audiences that we seem to attract are the ones that are watching us and are going to have a perspective and they're going to have an opinion and that's okay. 
▶️ [2:47] And I think it sums, it really stems from at the very root of it. The willingness to want to go out there and express an opinion about something. And that can be a difficult thing to broach, especially in a world where there are a lot of our, what do you call online quarterbacks?  Who are online, people who are going to be, coming after you for everything that you say you mentioned about mental fitness is mental fitness, the same thing as really mental toughness?
▶️ [4:35] So what happens is when we're faced with criticism, when we're faced with judgment on a regular basis, when we are, having people attack us or question us. We're trying to learn that process of standing on our own is that part of the brain, the survival part of the brain, the older part of the brain taps in. And that actually starts when we're really young.
▶️ [7:17] Absolutely. I thought this was all just more of an emotional kind of like, Hey, get out there and express your opinion type of thing. But what you're saying is there really is an actual scientific backing, to what you're describing, which I love. 
▶️ [9:05] There might've been a point of view that you failed to actually bring into the fold when you're coming up with a point of view or an opinion about something. And what I find is that in the environments online, when people are sharing a perspective or a point of view, there will be people that will have points of view, but it's very limited in terms of their knowledge.
▶️ [11:49] So you want to be able to bring that down and you want to be able to calm yourself down so that you can have an intentional response that is geared towards the outcome that you want to be able to have. Skill and it takes practice. And the process is actually working on very specific techniques for mental fitness. I'd love to share just a little technique on how that would actually happen. 
▶️ [13:25] They can be visual exercises where you're focusing on something and really noticing the details of something, the color, the shading, the texture, and how the light hits it. It can be auditory. You can actually close your eyes and listen to the furthest away sounds. And those sounds that are closer. And then ultimately really focusing on the sound of the inhale and the exhale. So, the idea is to develop this to the point of view that you're doing it before you enter into a stressful or tragic, or difficult situation.
▶️ [15:15] But I think it's this idea of like controlling yourself. You can only control what you can control. Other people are going to say what they want to say. They're going to do what they want to do, and you don't have control over their actions. You only have control over how you react to. 
▶️ [17:39] Okay. It's a little bit of a complicated thing. I want to be able to answer it until you're developing your mental health. I would back away and limit your interaction with those individuals. I want you to develop your mental fitness first, and then it is easier to engage with those people and stand in who you really are. And you're maintaining that confidence in that inner strength without being sucked into a negative conversation and down this rabbit hole.
▶️ [20:04] So part of developing yourself as a leader is understanding your business image and who you are, the elements that are really important to craft a great personal and business image. So these are the nine keys to kickstart your business image. So obviously a free report that you can download on my website,
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