Your About Page Isn't About You with Erin Pennings

digital marketing Jan 11, 2022
Your About Page Isn't About You


If the 'About Page' on your website isn't really about you, then what's it for? B2B Copywriter and Marketing Strategist Erin Pennings explains the REAL purpose of your About Page and how you can delight your customers with brand messaging and website copy that packs a punch. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:38] It's one of the biggest myths, because it's about you. It's where people go to find out more about you, but they don't care that you have unless you have this master's degree from Harvard or this big thing, they don't care about 99% of your experience, they don't care about a lot of it. They care what you can give them.
▶️ [2:32] And part of that lies in understanding your ideal audience and knowing what it is that they want, where in their journey are they, what is keeping them up at night? What problem are they coming to you to solve?
▶️ [4:43] I've seen other copywriters who I follow, who they really throw grammar out the window and it has more to do with the emotion that they're trying to evoke through the words that they're using.
▶️ [6:27] And I think by acknowledging that you understand their situation and turning your about page into the sales page, almost because the sales page can be short form, it can be long form, but by showing you understand where they currently are.
▶️ [7:13] Yeah, I think Erin, one of the things that's fundamental to getting to that point that you just described, which is to write it in such a way that you understand the problems and things that they're facing is that you have had to have done the work as an entrepreneur to understand that before you write the about page. 
▶️ [8:47] Things tends to live forever on the internet, but you can also control the narrative. You can control what you want to be known for who you want to be known for helping, and you can refine that or you can pivot completely. 
 ▶️ [10:44] If you're concerned that something is coming across as too braggy, let someone else say it, pop in a testimonial so that someone can say it. So if it's like, don't pay attention to what I'm saying, pay attention to what this other person is saying, and that allows you to massage it in their agenda.
▶️ [12:05] So, I think that the about pages, as you said, it's important to have one and that you can borrow from your bio. You can make it short and it can evolve over time. But the important thing is to have that context in there so that people understand that yes, it is about you, but that it's always turned back to how you can help them. 
▶️ [14:57] The network that I have built and the relationships that I have built have 100% been the best thing I've ever done for my business, but having a way that people can book into my calendar because I should not be managing anyone's calendar. 
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