Grow Your Network With Podcasting with Jürgen Strauss

social media Jan 28, 2022
Grow Your Network With Podcasting


Podcasting is a valuable branding, marketing, and promotional strategy. There were over 2 million active podcasts in 2021. It's not too late to get into the action and use your show to build your business. Jürgen Strauss is my guest on Cash In On Camera where he shares his insights on how to leverage a podcast to build your network.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear… 

▶️ [2:23] So, I reached out to a lot of those people and immediately had the first 15 or 20 guests for my podcast. And what I discovered very quickly as they said, "Oh, you should speak to so-and-so". And they would introduce me to somebody else that I hadn't met before. And all of a sudden this thing just became a flywheel where I'd be getting introduced to people all over the world that were doing amazing things and we're teaching me amazing things on my podcast. 
▶️ [5:01] But the more intangible, I suppose, long-term benefits are that I've been podcasting now for over seven years, we've just reached episode 500 and in fact, we're recording almost up to 510 now. And so I've got nearly 500 guests that I've kept in contact with over the time since their podcast, since their show recording. And I know that at any time I can reach out to them to continue our conversations. 
▶️ [7:56] And we've built a complete system. I call it the flywheel now because it is this flywheel that is really hard to stop. We keep getting requests for appearances on the show, we keep, of course, being introduced to new people and then reaching out to people that we meet, who we think would be a good fit for the show and for our audience. 
▶️ [10:45] Then we have inside of that notion system, notion's brilliant because you can put reminders inside of notion. So we have reminders inside of each entry for each guest that just prompts me to follow up with them in some way. And that follow-up might be something like, make a comment on their latest social media posts. 
▶️ [12:28] It could be referrals, it could be insights. It could be tapping that person's shoulder and saying, "Hey, I just need some help with something!" There's so much benefit to it, but it's important to have systems.
▶️ [14:11] This really brings this conversation full circle and that podcasting is a huge benefit to your business, to your marketing, to your branding. From this perspective, I believe in first building your network so that you have the opportunity to get more sales and make more money in your business. But there's this step in between. It's not necessarily a direct link between "Here's the podcast, now buy my stuff." It's, "Here's a podcast. Here's the value. And do you love this? And do you want to come back for more?" Build trust and the relationship so that other things can come as a result. 
▶️ [16:30] I think if more people took that approach, they would benefit and it would benefit their business. But the problem I think that we have in this world of instant gratification is that we want instant gratification. That's the problem. We're not willing to put in the work to produce the podcast for hundreds of episodes or months or years to reap the benefit of that, because it is a longer-term sort of gain if you will, but I a hundred percent agree with you.
▶️ [19:50] All about publishing, promoting, and producing the show and how we earn referrals. And then of course the last step is all about the process itself, auditing the process, celebrating what you've achieved at that point. And one of the things I like to do, and I often reflect on it now, it took me a long time to get to this point, but I often reflect on it. 
▶️ [21:06] Maybe you are an aspiring podcaster, we hope that this conversation about one of what you and I believe is one of the biggest benefits, especially in the early stages, but all stages of podcasting is growing your network. And it's so true what they say that your network is your net worth. 


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