The #1 Key To Being Consistent with Bonnie Chomica

social media Feb 14, 2022
The #1 Key To Being Consistent with Bonnie Chomica


Results follow consistency whether creating content, publishing on social media, or following up with prospects. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Bonnie Chomica talks about how to stay committed and consistent in any business endeavor.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear… 

▶️ [0:45] It's definitely a challenge for most people, whether they have a lack of time. I mean, we all have a lack of time to do things, so maybe they just need some kind of a plan or a process. It's a mindset. It's like, "I don't know what to write about", or "I don't know what to put on video". So it becomes a confidence thing. Others are "I don't know what to talk about" or "I'm not good enough", you know? "Who's going to listen to me so it can get all muddled up into a bunch of different things?", but really like anything you're trying to achieve, it's about committing to something. 
▶️ [1:54] Being consistent or committing to being consistent, involves getting more exposure. It's about getting visibility and if you're not visible, then you're invisible and people aren't going to find you in this busy online world. If you're just randomly posting things or writing things or doing videos that the technical aspect behind that, the algorithms and all that techie stuff, they're not going to serve you well, and you're not going to be seen.
▶️ [3:44] So for myself, because I was so random and because I'm coaching people on how to do this, it was like, "I've really got to step into these shoes myself". So even just for email, for example, I'm a real fan of email marketing. It's your personal space. You're in someone's personal space, that's where you can have a conversation and really build a relationship.
▶️ [5:43] It's fun but it takes a lot of time. I spent maybe five months I would say doing it. And I really did it more from the perspective I wanted to have some working knowledge about how it worked so that I could speak intelligently about it when I was advising other people.
▶️ [7:12] And I think it is that conversation around how much help you have or how much help are you willing to invest in to get you to the place where you can do those things if you don't have those skillsets? Or you don't have, again, like you said, at the top of this interview, the time you don't have the confidence, you don't have the mindset or the strategy to know what to say, you know?
▶️ [9:10] I think it's about the plan. So many people just do things randomly. Oh, I have to post on Facebook today. I need a picture for Instagram. You just like anything you need to plan it out. Like it would be starting a program at the gym or a weight loss program. You can't stop eating or start lifting 50-pound weights, or, you need to have goals. 
▶️ [12:29] And I like the once-a-week approach because that is, it sounds manageable. It sounds like we could do that. Right. And so the idea for consistency in my mind is to choose whatever schedule is consistent for you.
▶️ [14:49] That's what content can do for you. It's a sales machine for you, right? And you don't often buy from people that you don't know or until you get to know them. So your online content can help you. 
▶️ [16:21] Probably the number one thing I tell my clients and a lot of what I write about is it's about talking to one person. It's using the word you,  or in email, if you can be personalized using the person's first name, That's how you have a conversation. You're not talking to a whole room full of people. You're talking to that one person that's reading your email. 


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