List Building With Video with Jennie Wright

video marketing Feb 21, 2022
List Building With Video


Could you benefit from a bigger email list? In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Online List Build Expert Jennie Wright shares how to build your list and generate more leads using video.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear… 

▶️ [1:19] So, any of the landing pages and the different kinds of pages and things that I create, sales pages and whatnot, they all play into those different learning styles of those different styles of connecting with content. So we will always have video. We will always have really good copy, but we'll always make sure that we have even some long-form in there for people who enjoy long-form copy that allows them to connect. But, I find that video is one of the things that ticks up the conversion rates.
▶️ [3:01] 10 years ago, it was, you needed three experts and a couple of thousand dollars to get all this kind of stuff done. Now it's so simple, especially if you just using your iPhone to record video. You can record amazing quality video on your iPhone even, and upload that anywhere you need to. I mean, obviously, YouTube is really easy to use. It's also free, which I like. And it's a very low barrier to entry, there's literally a little button with a little camera on it, click that to upload your video, and off you go.
▶️ [5:15] Yeah. And the cool thing that you just explained was that listen, if you have let's say in the example of a group program that you anticipate selling in July, let's just say, right? The work needs to be done ahead of time to build that connection. As you talked about that, the know like, and trust factor, which you've heard about. 
▶️ [7:45] So, showing pictures of you or a video taking video of you behind the scenes, just living your life really helps create that connection with people. We want people to start following us in the absence of you sharing about you and those small problems.
▶️ [10:09] And when you're helpful and you're positioning yourself as someone who is worth following, guess what people follow you because now you're worth following, but it doesn't end there. I think Jennie, it's also having that infrastructure obviously set up so that you can capture and take people off those social platforms onto your platform or your own list. 
▶️ [12:18] All it has to be is creating a consistent call to action. Again, that word consistency. I'm getting it tattooed right here. I promise. And consistency is just making sure that within your regular social media posting you say, "Hey if you want some help with this, I have a 25-point checklist. That'll help you with this. Or I have a three-part video series. It's going to give you the step by step on how to achieve ABC and XYZ."
▶️ [14:07] So just find a different way of communicating it. I talk about lists. I've been doing this for nine years. I've been talking about list building until I'm blue in the face, but I keep repeating the same message over and over again, because, and then it also becomes kind of kitschy and fun.  It doesn't get boring. It actually doesn't turn people away. 
▶️ [17:19] Nobody gives a flying leap. If you've got a facial thing going on, or it doesn't matter about your weight. Cause  I'm very, self-conscious, it doesn't matter about this, that, and the other. It doesn't matter because it's about them and you have this. And unless you're putting it out and getting out in front of people, they're never going to know that it exists and you're going to continue to be behind the scenes and never have that spotlight that you know that you want. 
▶️ [20:08] I think that's a great guideline to use. If you're creating something simple, it's downloadable to a checklist, a PDF of some description. Maybe you don't need a video there, but the more you're asking of them, the more likely you should be adding a video to that page. Yes. Genuine. 


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