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Relationship Marketing: How to Do It Well Without Spamming People with Kendra Swalls

Relationship Marketing: How to Do It Well Without Spamming People with Kendra Swalls

online business Apr 27, 2022


Relationship marketing is a way to nurture relationships with your customers and prospects but just one spammy DM can put your strategy into a tailspin. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Kendra Swalls shares how to build a marketing plan that works. She is the creator of the Girl Means Business brand + podcast helping women take their business from survival mode to success mode.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:26] She's a former photographer turned business coach and a relationship marketing expert. She's here today to talk about how you can use relationship marketing and how to do it well without spamming people. I've actually got an example that I'm going to share in today's episode of communication that happened with me in the DMs that was unsolicited. 
▶️ [3:16] So, I think the biggest mistake is going into it with this kind of cold call mentality. Coming from people who've come from the sales world or even the network marketing world where you're told reach out to 10 people and tell them about your business or invite them to learn more. 
▶️ [5:51] So I will say at the very beginning, it was not a terrible start to the conversation because it was like great to connect. Like you said, you were like, "Oh, maybe I met this person somewhere and they're just reaching out". I will say one thing when you are reaching out to somebody, you want to be specific in how you know that person. 
▶️ [8:04] Yeah. That's the part too where you can start to tell it's a copy and paste thing. I don't think anywhere in there up until he like the right there where he closes, it says "Sheryl?", question mark. I think that's the first time he even addressed you in a personal manner and so that's the thing is when you're reaching out to someone, you want to personalize it because nobody wants to feel like they've received a copy and paste question.  
▶️ [10:31] Yeah. And I think like there are good ways to do it. I realized that connecting in the DMS, and building those relationships, that's a key part of growing a business, but there are ways to do it. And unfortunately, I think the other mistake people have with the whole like cold call DM thing is that they think that it's going to be this instant gratification. It's like, I'm going to send this message, they're going to reply. 
▶️ [12:14] Yeah. But if it's a numbers game, you think about this. Let's say you message 20 people that you've never interacted with before. Maybe one or two of them actually, let's just we'll play the numbers and we'll play, we'll say one or two. So let's say 10%, two people decide, "Okay, I'm going to hire this person. I'm going to purchase this one", whatever they become clients, that's fine.
▶️ [15:14] So I guess, my marketing tip goes to what we're talking about today and there are so many tools out there, but I think the best thing you can do is not get caught up in all of like,  "Okay, I need to download this app or I need to use this program". It's just going in and becoming familiar with your audience, really knowing who they are, finding out which platforms they're spending time on, and invest in those platforms and not trying to spread yourself so thin. 
▶️ [16:21] Things are always changing with technology and social and now Web 3.0. And all this kind of stuff with crypto, a metaverse I'm learning about all of that right now. It's just on another level but I think that the learning never stops. I know and I hope that's what we help to do on this show as well as your own podcast, further that education so that women and men can grow their business as well.

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