Calls To Action That Convert with Alyson Lex

digital marketing Jun 02, 2022
Calls To Action That Convert with Alyson Lex



If you really want your calls to action to be effective you must understand the 5 currencies to conversion. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Sales Copy Expert Alyson Lex shares how to craft a powerful CTA that gets results and that is appropriate to the different stages of the customer journey. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:56] I never liked to say no, but yes, there is such a thing as giving away too much. If you don't back it up by asking them for something in return. And that's really where those currencies that we talked about come in, and of course, it's going to happen on the live stream. 
▶️ [3:46] You might ask me to come to a webinar right now. I'm asking for your time and your attention. That's currency. And the last is relationship. This is especially true when it comes to referral marketing. "Hey, do you know anybody that could use a copywriter? I'm asking you to put your relationship, your name on the line for me." But this also goes, when I say, "Hey, like and share, tag a friend."
▶️ [5:18] ​​All right. So, this is where if I had myself together, I would have a piggy bank in front of me. My kid has a piggy bank. It's in the other room. I won't go get it now, but just pretend I'm holding it in front of me. And it's full of quarters and dimes and pennies and nickles. And this is your relationship. Every give, every positive interaction that you have with your audience puts a coin in that piggy bank. If it's a really good positive interaction, it might put two or three coins in there, but you're filling up your relationship piggy bank.
▶️ [7:03] A hundred percent. And I love that you frame this around this idea of different kinds of currency, because when you're going out there and you're trying to, let's say you have something amazing that you want to share with people, but then you wonder why are people not flocking to this thing? Think about those currencies. What are you asking people to do? 
▶️ [9:32] Yeah. And I think that a lot of entrepreneurs, especially maybe early stage or people who are kind of in that hustle mode, that kind of bootstrap mode, they are frustrated because they're like, "I'm doing everything. I'm listening to every coach and told them they tell me to make this amazing lead magnet and like why aren't people not flocking to it?" And I think it's because a lot of times we think of calls to action as literally the thing that I'm selling.
▶️ [12:03] Yeah. And I and the idea of thinking of it through the lens of these five currencies, I think is really powerful because then you, as the creator, if you are putting something out there and you're asking people to trade one or more of these, the higher, the more currencies that you're asking for in return, the harder sell it is because you're asking so much of that person. 
▶️ [14:06] That's a lot of steps, really break it down into the steps that I'm being asked to do. Do that for everything you're asking your people to do and then decide and determine objectively, have I put enough into the relationship to really ask for that whole list of tasks? 
▶️ [16:36] Going back to old school. I'm loving it. I love it. That is fantastic advice. And on that note, I thank you so much for coming on Cash In On Camera and sharing your expertise and your wisdom, and your knowledge. I think these five currencies and the tips you've shared today will really help our audience. 
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