Freshening Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Nicole Morgan

social media Jun 23, 2022
Freshening Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Nicole Morgan



It's no secret that social media is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. But what happens when your old strategies start to feel stale? In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Nicole Morgan joins us to share three tips for freshening up your social media marketing strategies! 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear… 

▶️ [2:24] We're really seeing that in today's environment, you cannot do just PR or just marketing anymore to be successful. Those things, they're evolving and you really have to be able to hit on all of the different pieces to see any kind of success and to move the needle.
▶️ [9:30] Then when it comes to content, content doesn't always have to be a caption. It can also be video performs extremely well, and is just a great way to capture an audience. The attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. So images are also great, but they can't just be an iPhone image anymore. They've gotta be really strong quality creative because that's the level you're competing on.
▶️ [11:10]  I think that the piece around authenticity, you talked about the influencer whose video shoot or photo shoot you were watching. It's so staged. It's so perfected. It's so filtered. I really believe that there is a space for creators to show that real authentic behind the scenes kind of actions that are going on.
▶️ [12:51] So, I tell people all the time what worked last quarter for a client is not necessarily what's going to work this quarter because the algorithms are always changing. 
▶️ [14:43] And really what I hear you say is if you wanna freshen up your social media strategy, you really need to dig in to. The research part of it, which for a lot of creators, or maybe for a lot of business owners might be the less sexy part of social media because they just wanna have to do the fun stuff. 
▶️ [17:10] Yeah. So I think selling yourself is something it's really difficult to do. It's not something that comes naturally. I think it catches a lot of business owners by surprise, when they go, "Oh, I have to actually get out there and sell".
▶️ [18:13] And I would say pick something that you are actually passionate about. Don't just pick something that is well connected and that's not the reason to do it. Pick something that you're really passionate about because then you're naturally going to want to do more of it.
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