Why Coaches Need To Stop Doing 'All The Things' with Laura Pence Atencio

#productivity Jul 14, 2022
Why Coaches Need To Stop Doing 'All The Things'



Feeling overwhelmed? Customer Journey Strategist Laura Pence Atencio joins Cash In On Camera to talk about why coaches need to stop doing every. single. task. in their business.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:22] Well, at every stage, it's, you have to keep in mind the customer strategy. So people have to find you, then you have to engage with them and nurture them and get them into your community. And then once you have them in the community, you need to obviously nurture them, and make a sale. And then once the sale happens, a lot of people stop, but that's when you actually need to start doing things. Cause then you have to deliver on your promise and make sure that you have retention and offer a way for those people to continue working with you.
▶️ [4:00] But what you can do is plan your activities and create the customer journey strategy, and then pick the right tactics at the right time to implement within that strategy to get the results that you want, starting where you are with what you have and then scaling it up as you go.
▶️ [7:47] So first you pick how you're going to communicate and choose platforms that will work for you sustainably. And then that primary platform will be the one where you spend the most of your personal time and engagement. Now that doesn't mean that you or your company shouldn't be on the other platforms later, because using a content system, you can repurpose all your content, you create your core library and then you can chunk it out and put it on the other platforms.
▶️ [10:44] I always think there are people, you should get our accountants and lawyers and people are like, "Aren't you a marketer?" I'm like, "Yes but also I was a financial advisor before. And if your books are not in order, you do not have a business." So get your legal yeah. And your bookkeeping handled. And then once you do that, as far as your in-house team, you can do a lot with a really good virtual assistant and perhaps an agency.
▶️ [13:07] Some of the pitfalls may be in that they could take your advice and hire again, a lawyer, an accountant, or a bookkeeper which could be the first stage, the second stage as a virtual assistant, they might not be able to do every single thing but they, you know, they are a general VA can do a lot of things and can be trained to do a lot of different tasks in your business. Then you can start moving into your, you have an agency. I have an agency like build to hire out some outsource, certain things in your business. It makes a lot of sense.
▶️ [15:41] In my agency, I will work with whatever platform people need, because what works best for me in my business may not work best for you in your business. It's personality based. It's this one, you either need a team or to be tech savvy. So if you're a new coach doing it yourself, this is not the one for you, unless you happen to be a super geek like me. But most coaches aren't there and so I will put people into the right software for them. And there's no one correct software, just like there's no one way to deliver on your promise.
▶️ [17:07] So first you have to be true to yourself and decide what you're going to do that works for you and that will fulfill your life goals, your dreams, and your needs. I mean, I have a lot of people trying to be a coach that they're emulating who has got no children and why I have a child. She says, "Well our lives are totally different." And what I want is, and so you gotta find what works for you, and that includes your tools. 
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