How to Build a Powerful and Unique Content Hub Strategy with Keith R. Reynolds

digital marketing Aug 12, 2022
How to Build a Powerful and Unique Content Hub Strategy



Creating a content hub can be a unique and powerful content experience for your target audience. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Keith Reynolds from shares the three essential steps you need to follow to create a content hub that will outperform the competition. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:16] Here, we're looking at producing media, that's going to produce the result of getting a lead to your business and there's a dollar value to a lead. And so if we can design a system, where we're creating media and we have content creation and a content distribution strategy, we should be able to get the feedback from our marketing automation that shows what's being watched.
▶️ [3:04] Terrific. Well, I think people spend an inordinate amount of time on social media platforms trying to get interactivity, the engagement with customers, but without the right strategy, they get frustrated. And rather than stepping back, they just spend more time. And then that becomes frustrating. 
▶️ [5:54] Yeah. So let me just really quick, say about the content hub. The idea of the internet itself is built on a hub and spoke model. I've been lecturing on the internet for a long time. I've talked about if you took tinker toys and plugged all the spokes into the hubs and you did that over and over and over, you could eventually create a ball. And the internet is like a great big ball of hubs and spokes. And that's the design point.
▶️ [7:48] I think it's a mix, right? And today you can have some very polished videos. We have a great interview with Rob Weiss, the video production guy. He's a sales guy, right? He's there to help make video sales. That's expensive, but if you put it on your calendar again, you can assign it to Rob and budget for it. Plus, part of being social today is showing you riding your bicycle as a CEO, right?
▶️ [9:50] Well, thank you. So, I split community and events away from publishing, promotion, and distribution a few years ago when I was writing my book. Because the community and events have several dynamics that are different than just getting on social networking.
▶️ [12:00] So, your email is connected to HubSpot and HubSpot is seeing when people come by your website and then you may have a video program like Vimeo and you wanna be able to track views. Well, you need to consolidate all that data. So not only does automation help you scale and deal with that number of people that you've gotta interact with, but it also then gives you the reporting or the dashboard to improve. And that's really what the system is about.
▶️ [14:41] And the goal here is for you to be this, this is built for the person who has P and L responsibility. It's all about accountability. And so the sales model is, well, what are you going to ask for? When somebody watches your media or reads your book, right? What's the next step?
▶️ [17:17] So if you've done some, there's always pre-work, that does cost money, but then there's the monthly maintenance of your program. That means that if something's not working in six months, you haven't bet the farm. Right. And you don't have to shut it down, but the ROI model really helps you think from a planning CEO's general, manager's kind of perspective. 
▶️ [19:07] It's a conceptual way to think about your media so that you're spending your money wisely. You're setting goals to achieve them. And everyone agrees that this is a good investment. And when we're there now we're buying social media ads. Now we're hiring a writer. Now we're willing to do the video because it's part of a plan that we see all seven of these conceptual areas to work from.
▶️ [21:47] Yeah, exactly. But now you're right. There has culturally been a shift. So that's fantastic. I love this seven-point model. I'm totally on board with you. I think that from the perspective of looking at your marketing plan content is very much alive. You still want to be able to do it in a smart and produce it in a smart way. But have there been some type of, you know, return on investment for the time and energy and maybe costs that you are going to incur to create that content, then using this model makes a lot of sense.
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