Should You Turn Your Book Into A Course with Parchelle Tashi

online business Aug 15, 2022
Should You Turn Your Book Into A Course?




We all know that one person who's always telling us about the amazing course they're taking, or the great training they're doing. They can't stop talking about it! In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Parchelle Tashi Founder of The Author's Leverage talks about whether or not you should turn your book into a course. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:52] And I saw just a great potential in this work, and I've always been a student of heart as well. So I feel like what I get to do, it's a lot of fun because I enjoy learning. Right. So I get to do that with all of our clients. And in particular, there was a path that opened an opportunity for repurposing really solid work. 
▶️ [3:59] The shift right now is more in that ability to access and have a direct connection with not only the person that you're learning from but the other people that are interested in it too. And so, I'm just saying that courses are still continued to thrive, but it's really taking a boost in the concept of community that really become a staple part of an online course.
▶️ [6:56] And I think that the power of online courses enables you to do that on an impact level and on an income level that will exceed what you sought out to make with your book. For a lot of books, they do turn into other opportunities for speaking consulting, right? Those are amazing opportunities. However, they're also taught during the one-to-one time. 
▶️ [8:12] So, as an author, an entrepreneur, a creative content creator, and as a thought leader, it is now our responsibility to create these experiences around the tower. And so opening up that conversation, the first principle is that books don't make money experiences due. If we think about how you can buy an album or you can go sit front row seat at the concert, it's that kind of experience and the difference that we're talking about.
▶️ [10:43] I just read a great book actually recently about offers and it talks extensively about that concept of implementation and how, when you're creating your offer in this case, with this particular book you can craft it around this idea of the implementation. So it makes perfect sense. You hire people to do things real. I hire people to do things for me. People hire me to do things for them. That's how it goes. Because you, as an entrepreneur, as an author, you're not going to do everything yourself.
▶️ [12:09] So, typically with this particular principle, we're looking at the fact that the e-learning industry is going to grow and it's continuing to grow. Like it's not stopping. No. There's so much that we need to learn and grow and we have to learn from each other. And so, among, I guess, in that spectrum of $2 trillion that this industry is gonna be worth in the next few years, the question is, "What is the media quality? How would you categorize what you would see in that?"
▶️ [14:24] So, those are the three core principles that really drive the thinking here, right? It's the experiences of one or what makes money, not the book sales alone. People pay for implementation, especially in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships. And thirdly, the quality of the experience you create really, really matters in the multimedia world. 
▶️ [16:00] I think anyone who is an author is doing it, especially in the nonfiction world, right? Is because they have a message that they're trying to get out to more people, they're using that book to be a door opener to the press so that they can get additional eyeballs. And what it is that they're doing usually is mission-driven, purpose-driven work, that people are writing books about specific topics. But let's not forget, there's also this part of us in authors too, that wanna say like, “Well, how can I turn this into another stream of income?" Right. "How do I turn this idea into another stream of income?" Because I think we recognize that if I can turn this into another stream of income, I can have more impact.
▶️ [18:21] Yeah, something of basing that's working is just building relationships with others in the industry and creating collaborations. That's been huge. And so, one of the ways that we've been doing that as a marketing initiative is actually hosting industry-specific dinners. These are invite-only where we bring those that are in the book publishing industry. Whether they are publishers themselves or hybrid publishers traditional even. We have other book-writing coaches that come in as ghostwriters and whatnot. But it's a very very small and intimate dinner. 
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