Why Community is Crucial in the Digital Age with Mason Bendewald

digital marketing Aug 12, 2022
Why Community is Crucial in the Digital Age with Mason Bendewald



The digital age has brought about a lot of change, but one thing that remains the same is the importance of community. Join me and Mason Bendewald from MEGAMACE Fitness to find out why community is so crucial in the digital age and learn how you can use it to grow your business.

Mason has directed top fitness personalities like Bob Harper, from the Biggest Loser, and movie star Kate Hudson, and he's worked with leading fitness brands such as TONAL, iFIT, FightCamp, Beachbody, TITLE Boxing, Supernatural VR, and Technogym in Italy.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:33] I'm very familiar with P 90 X. Yes. Tony Horton, the beach body community. I was actually involved with beach body back in 2013, so I know a little bit about that. You know there are lots of amazing trainers and you've worked with a lot of those fitness people that you've really made into household names and celebrities, and have contributed to that. So, I mean, you certainly know about the importance of how you show up on camera.
▶️ [4:30] Right. So Sheryl, if we could, I'd love to put you on the spot and ask you to share a personal story, a moment that changed your life. And then I'll show you in an example, how you could actually use that while you're doing interviews. 
▶️ [6:22] Well, so sharing that little extra bit of information about being terrified and you had no experience and yet you dove in and look where it led you. It's a very powerful message that connects me to you a little more right now going, "Oh, so you're not just successful. You're brave. And you're courageous and that's where you gained your success." So that's a value to me to keep reminding myself that you do have to go out and be brave and be courageous and vulnerable in order to succeed.
▶️ [8:28] Well, because we're humans and the digital age is that it's digital. It's a tool for us. It does not replace human interest, human interaction, or emotion. You know people say it's going there, but it never will quite be as complex and messy and beautiful as humans are. Where our stories will always be unique and yet universal in how they connect us. Struggle, love, heartbreak, you name it. So the digital age, in which billions of dollars are being invested, I'll go back to my niche, which is fitness. 
▶️ [10:19] So regardless of the artificial intelligence, regardless of the augmented reality, the virtual reality, all that technology and that layer that is here and will be staying with us, and if not growing over the next many decades. What doesn't change is the fact that it doesn't replace human emotion. It doesn't replace the connection that we have with each other as human beings.
▶️ [14:27] So, it goes back to what we're really discussing. It's telling more stories. It's using podcasts as a great marketing tool being on your show is wonderful. And it's video, the power of video. It all goes hand in hand. Storytelling, and video, are one of the easiest ways to get your message out. It doesn't have to be super fancy. You do have to get better at storytelling so that you're not telling the long version, you're telling the interesting version, but other than that, it is a super powerful tool. So if you haven't embraced video yet, if you aren't used to telling stories, those two are the biggest marketing tool that I'm embracing more now as I'm working on my brand and expanding it.
▶️ [16:27] I'm trying. Trying to catch on because you know what, here's the thing, I learned so much from guests like you, who come on the show and that's one of the things I most love about this platform is that, I get to learn in the process as well, along with our viewers and listeners. It's great to have you here. 
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