Generate Qualified Leads As A Podcast Guest with Jessica Rhodes

online business Sep 16, 2022
Generate Qualified Leads As A Podcast Guest



Podcasting is a great way to reach new potential leads. But if you're not generating qualified leads as podcast guests, you're leaving money on the table. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Jessica Rhodes from booking agency Interview Connections shares her best tips for generating qualified leads as a podcast guest speaker.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:04] The first thing is a lot of times we think about marketing. We think about content creation. What do we put on our own social media? What are we writing on our website? What videos are we creating? Are we starting our own podcast? And all of that is so important and serves a really good purpose. But unless you are getting in front of other people's audiences, growing your audience, and getting people to listen to your podcast, getting people to watch your videos is going to be a pretty slow journey.
▶️ [3:41] One of the things that I also believe is that when you have your own show, and this is what I'm a proponent of is having your own and then also speaking on other people's. They go hand in hand with each other. You become an instant credible person when you are the host of your own show, which can help you also get more opportunities to speak on other people's stages.
▶️ [6:41] Yeah. Call-to-action strategy is something I love helping entrepreneurs with because it's different for everyone. There's not one type of call to action that's gonna work for everyone. For a business owner that has a really effective email marketing strategy. Like, you know if you get someone onto your email list, you're emailing them consistently. You know you convert a certain number of people from your list. Then a lead magnet that effectively gets people onto your email list is the call to action you should be using. Maybe you use a Facebook group and you are doing regular launches in your Facebook group.
▶️ [10:26] Well, in regards to, let's talk more about going on the right podcast, cuz that's often what happens. Go on the podcast, hosted by people that you would wanna have a relationship with. Oftentimes a big mistake business owners make is they rule out podcasts for some arbitrary metric that they think determines the success of a show.
▶️ [13:00] If you're being super selective about only going on certain shows and now that we're at the multi-seven-figure mark like we are a little bit more selective. We're still consistent. But again, when you're at the low six figures, you just need to say yes to so many opportunities because that's also a time. Still getting clear on your ideal client, you're still getting clear on your messaging and the way you get clear on messaging is by saying it out loud with people in front of people getting that feedback. You can't figure that out on your own, in a vacuum, just with your journal. Like you actually have to be on the court playing, getting that feedback. 
▶️ [15:53] So, we are running Google ads, which are working really well, cuz for a long time, we were running Facebook ads and doing launches, which we're great for building our list. But running Google ads has been amazing because it's really helping our SEO, we're coming up higher in search results. So I'm just gonna leave Google ads as the best-kept secret, cuz first we're like Facebook ads, like Facebook ads, but Google ads are so much less expensive and they're getting us great visibility to people that are searching for what we sell.


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