Finding And Keeping Good People with Carmel Brown

online business Sep 23, 2022
Finding And Keeping Good People



You're not alone if you've ever struggled to find and keep good people to join your team. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Carmel Brown from The Proven Group joins me to share the biggest mistakes business owners make when trying to find high-quality hires, freelancers, and vendors and keep them on their team.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:29] So I'm not sure if you've heard of the old saying that business would be easy if it wasn't for the customers and many owners believe that managing staff would be easy if it wasn't for the staff. So managing and motivating the team that you already have, needs to start there, and even how to even just retain your staff. But we can come back to that. But as far as recruiting and retaining your staff at the moment, finding good people is the hardest moment for all business owners. 
▶️ [4:41] What I find interesting about that strategy is that what you're suggesting is to find great people who can join your team. You're not even really necessarily suggesting that we go to people who are actively looking for jobs, meaning that there are people who are not currently employed. You're saying, go for people who are, are employed. They're just not employed with you yet.
▶️ [6:25] If organizations do not have a good vision and values, that's been put together by yourself and the whole team. You just don't sit there and say, "Oh, let's just make up some words, like customer service and teamwork and accountability and innovation", and just pop them on the team room wall. And let's hope that the team actually read them. If you don't do it together, it's got no value. It's gotta even resonate with the personal values of the team.
▶️ [10:38] Yeah, so a lot has changed and for everybody, it really is about them and their lifestyle, and that's what's important to them. But to go back to the millennials, it is quite I have a little bit of a chuckle when you said that, cuz yeah, they do think totally different from us. We're of similar age. So I totally get what you are saying. We, and we were always brought up with that. We live to work that's our age group, but the millennials work to live and that's the difference.
▶️ [12:17] So finding good candidates, finding good people, it is not necessarily just relying on people who are actively job seeking, but looking for people who are currently employed and starting conversations with them to intrigue them and frankly entice them into a beginning conversation, a relationship. So it's not a quick win, but it's something that you invest some time and energy into developing a relationship with someone. And that would be a great way to find people LinkedIn or some of those job-seeking platforms, depending on what continent you live on would be some great ways to find good people.
▶️ [17:30] Yeah, I think communication is one of the key things. I've also often heard that business owner is so invested in their business, but you can never expect an employee to be as invested as you, it's your business. I think when I heard that, I thought, yeah, that's actually right. We can't expect our team members to be as invested as us as the business owner, because this is our business, but communication can really help as well as some of the other things that you've mentioned.
▶️ [21:20] We really appreciate your appearance on Cash In On Camera today to help better understand how we can find and retain and keep good people on our teams. No matter what size of team that is, it can be small or it can be large, but these are fundamental strategies that I think will really help our audience. 


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