Is Authenticity Just A Buzzword with Rachel Jenks

social media Sep 23, 2022
Is Authenticity Just A Buzzword



You've heard it yourself, be authentic. But what does that really mean? And how does it lead to more business for you? Is it just a buzzword? In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Rachel Jenks aka The Brand Boss shares her thoughts on authenticity and what it truly means to live from that place. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:07] Authenticity isn't something that you slap on, what you do, or who you say you are. Authenticity has to do with whether or not you are who you say you are. And so it goes even deeper than what most people tend to think of as their brand, right? It goes all the way into the life that you live. If how you are showing up in the world is not how you are actually living your life then you are not living your life authentically, and this can happen in all kinds of ways.
▶️ [4:04] So I'm a little spicy about that at the moment, but just because all of those messages were not authentic, right? Just be real, be a real human, and have a real conversation with real humans. That is all that anybody wants from you in 2022. And so when people are showing up in the world, whether it's in a message, whether it's in their marketing, whether it's on video, cuz you can see through that, right? Not actually in alignment with either what they're saying or who they are. That is a disconnect. 
▶️ [6:58] Whether it's a message, whether the message in your DMS, whether it's a conversation, whether it's showing up in your marketing, make sure that you're being real about it, right? Nobody likes to be buttered up. Nobody likes to feel buttered up. And if you are doing that, then you're not actually being authentic. Cuz you're not being honest. I think authentic and honest can go hand in hand as well. 
▶️ [10:56] It's one of the number one mistakes that I see businesses making, and they are breaking trust with customers all the time, and don't even realize it. And this ties into the realm of personal branding as well, because there's all of this noise in the marketplace. I know we talked about this, Cheryl offline, there's all of this noise in the marketplace about positioning yourself as an expert and posturing this and whatever. 
▶️ [12:43] But even in our best intentions, if you're trying to be like somebody else, then you're not showing up as who you actually are. And at some point, somebody's gonna have an experience with the real you that doesn't align with who they thought you were, who they perceived you to be, whether it's your company or your personal brand, and that's gonna break their trust. And that is just so sad to me. And I see it happen all the time.
▶️ [14:46] So the reason I'm so passionate about it, and the reason I get a little bit spicy about it is that the power of branding is about trust and trust comes before transactions. When you focus on the relationship, the transactions will follow naturally. The purpose of business is to solve problems and take care of people. And when you have forgotten the person in the equation and turned them into a dollar sign, then you have missed the entire point in business, in my opinion.
▶️ [17:08] You have to be discoverable to be discovered. And if you are here to impact the lives and the businesses of other people, which again, is what we do through our businesses, you have to show up. So the people who need you can find you, and sometimes it has to be all about you in order to not be all about you.
▶️ [20:15] I have a group coaching program where this journey that I have been on for the last three years of learning to identify, amplify and multiply the impact of my own personal brand. I can now walk you through it in just 12 weeks. It is a self-paced program that has a group mastermind component to it. I also do one on one consulting and coaching, and I have fully done use services as well. And what this identify amplify and multiply is all about is like I said, this journey that I've walked.


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