Create A Bigger Vision For Your Business with Connie Jones

online business Sep 23, 2022
Create A Bigger Vision For Your Business



Is it time to reach that new echelon in your business? Connie Jones joins Cash In On Camera to share her experience to help you create a bigger vision for your business and step into the role of visionary CEO. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:21] I mean we're changing the world. We're impacting the world in all kinds of ways that are transformational. But what I see that happens is we get in so many entrepreneurs get in a rut and they start out with a dream with a vision for what they wanna create sometimes. Really aligned with their purpose and they're excited about it. And then sometimes it's out of necessity. It's what they know how to do and what they feel they're talented and gifted to do. But what happens somewhere along the way is they lose sight of the vision or they move into this reactivity place. They get into overwhelm and overworked and they get into the have-to and they lose the dream, they lose their sight, they lose the vision for where they're headed and what they're doing. 
▶️ [5:47] And I think that's the value of coaching because we can't see it for ourselves because we're so close to it. And we are in the weeds, especially in that early stage, where you're trying to get to the place where you can start reinvesting in yourself and get a team and delegate and build in that space for yourself to be the visionary of your business. But I see that time and time again, that getting to that point can be challenging, but to your point, yes, reaching out for help is a great way to do that
▶️ [7:40] And so oftentimes I think, I know this was the case for me and I see this with entrepreneurs all the time is we think that we are failing. We think that we're doing something wrong. We think that this is a horrible place to be and that we should have figured it out. And that's not the case. It's just that we've hit the level of our limited capacity and we've got to do something different to allow our capacity to be expanded and that's growth. That's just normal growth. We don't have to have all the answers. We just have to be willing to grow.
▶️ [11:15] I say that about business. I say that it pulls everything out of you and challenges, everything in you. And if there is no deeper work that a person does, then when they start a business and it requires that of us. We have to grow and develop. And look at those really hard things because our business is an expression of our heart. It's an expression of who we are. And so it's a living, breathing, entity, an energetic expression of us. And so we are seeing the manifestation of ourselves in our business. And so if something isn't working or isn't effective or isn't working in the way that we want it to then it's because it's a reflection of something going on inside of us. And that's what we have to understand and get over ourselves.
▶️ [16:15] And so that's what that page is but there is information. When you go to my website, there's information about me personally, there's information about the work that I do. There's information about all the different experiences I have had with the different programs, but that page, in particular, was for that changemaker monthly gathering, which is this Thursday, if anybody wants to join it's this Thursday from, 12 to 1:15 Eastern time. And we do this every single month and it's completely free. It's a great networking mixer. In addition, I teach some strategies that will change the game in your business during each gathering.
▶️ [19:41] Yes, because we can't expand beyond what's inside of us and so we're gonna hit our capacity in our business until we expand inside. And oftentimes so many business programs and coaching programs and coaches sometimes even it's not their fault. They're not doing it wrong. It's just that they go from the outside in instead of from the inside out. And I just believe that we've gotta deal with the person first and simultaneously deal with the team and simultaneously deal with the systems and the procedures and the structure. And so I just have a triangle the whole self CEO, the team, and the systems and it just works and the system and strategy I would say.


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