Make More Money Without Social Media, Fancy Opt-Ins or Ads with Emylee Williams

#productivity Sep 27, 2022
Make More Money Without Social Media, Fancy Opt-Ins or Ads



Think you need to be on social media or have a fancy opt-in form or ad campaign to make more money? Think again! In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Emylee Williams from Boss Project share their tips to make more money without any of that...and work less!


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [2:01] And from day one of our business, we have very much been into traditional or old school business models, which rely on a lot of relationships, networking, connections, talking about the thing that you do, reading the room, having real-life conversations with people and building and bridging connections over the years, because you never know where you're actually gonna rely on them. We have been talking about this for years. We are actually celebrating our seventh biz anniversary birthday this month right now.
▶️ [6:38] It's a classic case of, we want what we don't have. The grass is greener on the other side. And so the big corporations want to have that ability to be nimble and to be able to have one-to-one relationships and the people who have it right on their doorstep want the big marketing and it doesn't really work. You have to really understand the marketing strategy that's going to suit you best for the stage of business that you're in, the kind of business that you have.  
▶️ [10:43] Because you don't know what message at what time it's going to resonate with that person. So we talk a lot about nurturing and what is your strategy to nurture people on your list or your network or whatever. And that's exactly what happened there. So this idea of making more money without social media, right? It's like, yeah, social, media's a distribution channel and you can reach people through it. I think that we've covered the fact that ads have changed a lot, so in this pay-to-play atmosphere, you have to be very careful and really know what you're doing, or you could lose your shirt on it.
▶️ [15:18] But I think in the traditional sense when the one-on-one service-based business really meshed and ingrained itself with the one-to-many digital education space that it has over the last couple of years, I think some service providers are having a hard time separating the two and understanding what strategies are meant for specific industries. And oftentimes there are so many service providers who are banging their heads on the table thinking, well, what could be my one-page opt-in? What could be my high converting opt-in that people want? And I'm sitting here trying to brainstorm with them, but really getting them to see if you are doing done for use. 
▶️ [20:33] I think that ties back into what we talked about earlier which is this idea of building connections in the community, you're doing that on a personal level. And I think now that things are getting back to quote-unquote, some type of normal where we're seeing people happen in person again, there is a desire to want to do more of that since we were away from it for so long. So you might really be onto something really smart there in terms of taking that demonstrative approach.
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