3 Easy Steps to Repurposing Existing Content with Sally A Curtis

#productivity Sep 28, 2022
3 Easy Steps to Repurposing Existing Content



Repurposing your existing content is a great way to increase your brand and business visibility. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Sally Curtis shares how to leverage the content you've already made and create even more valuable assets for public and private consumption. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:26] ​​So a real thing that's helping regain people's attention and re-get your community excited is shifting from this very long-form content into bite-size chunks. And I think that's where repurposing written content like books and articles and blogs into bite-size, easy-to-digest, consumable chunks that your client, audience, and community can consume even on their worst day at is the tip.
▶️ [4:33] And the reason we wanna see what jumps off the page is that then you are going to create from a more inspired space and you're gonna be in an inspired state versus trying to do something methodically because the extraction process and content repurposing if you try to do it too methodical too soon until you've learned the practice of it, you'll get bored with it really quick and frustrated. 
▶️ [7:20] So the extraction stage is not prejudging what's there. It's just extracting everything that you found. The teachable moments, the stories, the quotes, the rants, the phrases that we say all the time that our audience knows we say that we often don't know we say, those sorts of things. Putting it all onto a document so you can actually see for the first time, in a lot of cases, the absolute gold that you have in your own intellectual property, you're re-seeing it with fresh eyes for the first time.
▶️ [9:48] Create some templates that are ready for you to drop in the content that you've extracted. And also another tip would be to find appropriate emotive images. In advance, before you start trying to create. So set yourself up for success in this creation phase as well by setting up some templates for your tiles as well as finding some emotive images that you can use on these tiles because they helped position the viewer and then start going into the creating by adding these phrases over the top, et cetera.
▶️ [12:07] Very, very much so, and it really is as simple as that. It absolutely is as simple as that. But as humans, we overcomplicate it. So my next tip would be not to overcomplicate it, it is literally just scanned, and extract without judgment. And then create. But set yourself up for success by creating those templates and having some imagery already sorted, otherwise, you get strap distracted with images and you don't actually create the tiles that you're looking to create. So it's all about speed and efficiency with some of those tips as well.
▶️ [14:56] So what I've done here is created a more extensive version of the three steps. So outlining all of the weirdness of how you go about scanning what the steps are. I've got some demonstrations of how you go about creating tiles, what templates look like, the extraction process, and all of those little tips in there. And how you get yourself out of your own way when you get stuck along the way, if that's the case. And that ebook will also go into a little mini-training scenario as to how to sort and store your content prior to doing the different extraction processes. 
▶️ [16:35] I love it, and I agree a hundred percent. So many people hold their cards close to the vest, and if you were just willing and wanting to be more of service and kind of give before you ask for anything in return, which is one of the tenets of what we do with profitable podcasting, it works because it's just reciprocity in action. And I think it works really well.
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