5 Steps To Scaling Your Business with Olu Sobanjo

digital marketing Sep 30, 2022
5 Steps To Scaling Your Business



There's an art and science to scaling your business. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Video Strategist Olu Sobanjo joins me to talk about the 5 steps necessary to scale your business correctly.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:58] So scaling is something that every single business owner wants to have in their business. They want to get to a stage where things begin to multiply. Instead of we look at things from an additional point of view, we could also look at them. The multiplication point of view is where you are not actually just adding one client after the other, but you actually have a stage in your business where things begin to multiply for you. And this is the way I think of scaling, where you are not just doing things that you are capable of doing, but then the business begins to just scale. Accelerate. 
▶️ [3:34] You have a viable business. You have clients that you've helped, you've got some results for some people and so you are not at the stage where you are trying to discover whether you are able to do this thing, right? Once you have that taken care of, then you're ready to scale. Cause now you have a winning product. You have a winning offer that you can put some fire behind and actually see massive success come into the business. 
▶️ [6:46] And so once you begin to think like the CEO, you wanna have a clear road map of what you're trying to achieve in the business with the business. And this is where many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle because there are a lot of shiny objects out there, and different strategies. Every single person that is talking out there has something fantastic that you need to be doing, right? 
▶️ [9:32] You're not selling just one service or product, right? You have a product that suddenly you just, sometimes you're not even talking about it and it's just growing like wildfire, right? Every single business owner needs to analyze their business and find what that winning offer is for them. Okay. This offer is usually the no-brainer offer that when you bring it out there to your amazing clients it doesn't hit the ground before. It just blows up. Right. And so once you know what that is in your business, obviously connecting with your clients and knowing making sure that they're getting the best results.
▶️ [12:42] Yeah. I a hundred percent agree that that's often what we talk about when it comes to the work that we're doing as well. That is the importance of having a network and a community of people that you can go to and rely on and who have access to the people that you wanna have access to too. Absolutely. It's just so, so key enough, I think back on any level of success that I've been able to have, even to this point, it's been mostly because of the relationships that I've built. 
▶️ [14:35] Yeah and this is the thing with stages is I've always thought too, that really you wanna have your own stage and then also be on other people's stages. Yeah. Like, I think that's the perfect melding, if you will, of the whole concept around stages. But you're absolutely right. I mean, you don't build a business in isolation. You need to have connections, you need to get your word out. You need to really be able to rely on other people to get the word out for you. You're not doing this all by yourself and that is certain that if you wanna scale your business, you're going to need a community around you and a group of people around you that can help you to get there. 
▶️ [17:43] I am so honored. I'm so honored and I'm just really pleased that you've brought together the group of people that you have to help others be able to pay it forward and help other people to grow and to scale their businesses, as you say, with confidence, because that's the key, right? We all wanna be able to feel really confident in what we're doing and how we're doing it. These five steps I think are really key. 
▶️ [19:39] Yeah, I agree. That's my team. That's awesome. Well, I know you and I are both video strategists, and both know the power of video. Both agree that, is that video was no longer nice to have. It really is like you have to really have a video strategy depending on how you view your business. Again, looking and thinking like a CEO with whatever your goals are in mind, you're gonna just have to take a look at the video and understand what's the best strategy for us and for our company as you set out to scale. 
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