Make Money with 1,000 Followers or Less with Ashley Ann

online business Sep 30, 2022
Make Money with 1,000 Followers or Less



Want to know how to make more money without a huge social media following? Ashley Ann aka King Ashley Ann is joining me on Cash In On Camera to share how to monetize your social media to create a 6 or 7-figure income.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:39] Because they're repelling people. Maybe they don't even realize it, but they're repelling people. And one of the things I've always said is that people want to buy, but they don't wanna be sold. Mm-hmm.  and too many people are going at it from the sales perspective, however, what you've just shared is key, and that is really being of service. But to a lot of entrepreneurs, online entrepreneurs, they might say, "But that sounds like it's gonna take a lot of time. That sounds like it's gonna take a lot of effort." And they might not be willing to do that, or they need to be making money now. 
▶️ [4:32] My second platform as far as longevity, would say YouTube because there's still no other platform that pays its creators, as well as YouTube, pays its creators. And your content is going to live on and on and on and on forever and forever and forever. I have YouTube videos that are like eight or nine years old and I literally still have people, who'll come and find me on Instagram and they'll say, "Hey, I've seen this YouTube video." And I'm like, "Oh my God, that's nine years old." But like literally once a week, somebody's still popping up from an old YouTube video. 
▶️ [8:21] When you are online creating content, you're doing videos, you're putting out your eBooks, and you are coming out with concepts for whatever your drop shipping story is. That is not passive, that is active income. Passive income, for instance, I have IBUs and I have insurance policies that I put money into. I have land preservations, they're making me money and I'm not doing anything. There are certain people that I've been to.  Partner with in real estate and I just give them when they do the flips and they bring me back a return. That's passive. Passive means you're not doing anything. You gotta started and it is back there doing its own thing. 
▶️ [10:30] We're all humans and I feel like most people probably have a nine to five already who have to rely on automation to some extent, new with this model where people are like 100% automation because then you lose the humanity and because you're not connected to your audience, you don't have the ability to listen to them. And so you're not gonna know what language to use, right? That's gonna help convert. You're not gonna know when there's an opportunity for new profit, but the delivery of your products absolutely should be automated. I do believe everybody should have some type of automated mechanism to get people to join their communities. 
▶️ [14:49] The second way that I love making money is curation accounts. This is for all of our shy and introverted people. You can make so much money just by being a resource. You don't actually have to create the content. You just give credit to the content creator. And so let's say you really love green apples, right? And you're gonna have the hottest page on TikTok and Instagram and all about green apples and you're gonna give green apple commentary. And when people create content or do cool things with green apples, maybe they turn 'em into skin masks or they make green apple pie or green apple hair was, or whatever. 
▶️ [18:37] All of your content will focus on that when it comes to business. So 80% of your content is going to be about those things because when they see your content, they need to feel like you're talking to them, right? I just had that conversation with my friend. Oh, I was just talking to my mom about this. I was just thinking this the other day, and here's this person with the answer or the solution, or they provided a space for me to go and find other people that I can connect with and with these areas. The next thing, you have to have some type of text messaging system.
▶️ [21:28] So it's a lot easier than think you just have to have some type of strategy behind it. And you have to understand you're building a relationship with people over time. People get discouraged cuz they come right out the gate trying to sell all of this stuff. Well, no one knows you yet. They haven't had any experiences with you and you have to create the opportunity for someone to have an experience with you.
▶️ [23:56] But there are so many amazingly talented people that if you show them how, if you give them the recipe to bake the cake, they're gonna bake a pretty good cake. So I started trying to figure out how do I create these courses. How do I create this training? How do I create these modules and these series so that someone who may not be in the position where they can pay me $180,000 to come and consult with them for 12 months, but they're like, "Hey, I don't have 180,000, but I have $80 and I really am trying to change my life? I'm really trying to go in a positive direction." So I started creating these really I guess we call 'em like micro training and micro classes and we've had so many kinds of Fantastic results with them, and they just kept asking me to do more of 'em. So I said, "Oh, y'all got it."
▶️ [26:42] So I'm doing this series of training for free. I try and do training at least once a month, and it's very intense training, you guys. This is not like some 40 to 60-minute webinar full of fluff. This is actually real training and so I break down the software as you need, the systems, you need, how you put them together how you start the process of making money with your phone and your fingertips. So you're gonna need to give me somewhere in between three to four hours. I also try my best to answer as many questions as I can at the end. So sometimes I spend two hours just in q and a just trying to answer all the questions that we can get answered cuz there's a lot of new information for people.
▶️ [29:39] There are two apps, now my favorite is Text 180, they provide shortcodes so you can tell people to text the word to 24, 24 24, or whatever your code is. That's one of the easiest, fastest ways that you can build up your list. And then because people are familiar with you, they are going to be absolutely positively, 100% excited to click your links or go to your emails or come to your live events or whatever it is. And then the second option is community. Now, I will be honest, the downfall with the community is that you have to put in a couple of extra steps to be able to collect the information. Cuz community is not gonna give you the phone number, right?


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