Visual Note-taking for Business with Ann English

#productivity Oct 04, 2022
Visual Note-taking for Business



I love to take notes on my iPad and capture ideas, thoughts, and inspiration. But did you know that typing them on a keyboard might not be the best way? In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Visual Communicator Ann English shares her tips on visual note-taking and how doodling can lead to business success. Ann’s Visual Doodles™️ has been commissioned by the likes of Brené Brown, Dean Graziosi, and Tony Robbins among others. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [2:41] I believe I don't draw very well. I call myself a doodler. I'm not an illustrator. The thing is, it's about interpretation, isn't it? So if it's for yourself, it doesn't matter how good it is. It just matters that it makes sense to you. So if you think about way back when there were cave paintings, then there were hieroglyphics. So yeah, our interpretation of what they meant might have gotten lost over time, but as long as it meant something to the people at the time, and actually, you were a storyteller or a note taker. When you see my visual doodles, often I have a dotted line, and that's because when people are telling you something, they're taking you on a journey. 
▶️ [5:43] So it's important then if you're going to be doing visual note taking for business, that you do draw imagery or doodles that represent certain things. It's not just putting words necessarily on there.
▶️ [9:03] But I take people on a journey from the world of the imagination. Taking you through your creativity, how people can drown their ideas and the sea of negativity, either you drown them or other people do. But then it's about planting them in the land of possibility, however, along that route, you're gonna hit roadblocks along the way. But it's being able to navigate that journey cause I believe that we all have a superpower. 
▶️ [11:36] But for me to visually communicate the ideas, to get out your head onto paper. Just makes it real. And it also means that you can share your ideas with somebody else. So how many times, it's like that back of a napkin kind of thing where you can sketch something, and actually if you're talking through it, it doesn't have to be the best drawn in the world? If you tell somebody that this is a cat they go, "All right, okay." They just go along with that storytelling. So whatever that cat looks like to you, it does not really matter if it's an exact example of what a cat looks like.
▶️ [16:46] Yeah. So, always from being a child doodle do that, get back into that doodle place. But one tip that I do is to share the time-lapse videos of me drawing these illustrations. And people love that. It is something that creates, intrigue, the like to see how something develops and how something grows. So if you, whatever you're doing let people stay behind this. If you are making notes in a notebook, take a photograph of that. Put that on social media because people are really intrigued to see how you develop your ideas and you make them a reality. 
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