Choosing The Right CRM with Ema Katiraee

productivity Oct 24, 2022
Choosing The Right CRM



A Customer Relationship Management tool is key for your business, but how do you know you need one and which one is right for you? Certified Dubsado Specialist Ema Katiraee joins Cash In On Camera to talk all things CRM. I use both Kajabi and Dubsado for different reasons and I'll share why in this episode.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [3:17] Yeah, so, there are different workflows. So I break up workflows into like stages. So having an inquiry workflow where people fill out a lead capture form on your website or they book a call on your website and then things can start to flow automatically, like an email saying thanks for reaching out. I'll get back to you in like 24, or 48 hours so that you have time to look at their form. Then send them a link to book a call with you and then send them reminders so that they don't forget, and then create like-to-dos after that conversation happens to remind you to trigger the next workflow.

▶️ [7:25] Yeah, that's a really good point. And I think from an accounting perspective if I'm thinking on the back end of that mm-hmm. , if all of the revenue is being driven through one CRM. I can imagine maybe, maybe from a bookkeeping perspective that keeps things cleaner. But I love that. And so payment reminders, I mean, that can be done both obviously through Kajabi and Dubsado, but I do love that feature.

▶️ [9:58] No, absolutely. Like building workflows, the initial step is you need to map out your client process, and I tell people, just grab a piece of paper and a pen, you can do it on a Google Doc. Just start listing out all the different things that you do with each client. Because odds are you are following a repeatable process, even if you don't think you are. And you'll find, you'll discover a lot of things about your client process. Like you were saying, maybe there are things that you wanna do that you're not doing. Maybe there are things that you're doing that maybe you're like, "Eh, I don't really wanna be doing that anymore. It's not necessary." And then that allows you to build an efficient workflow inside of Dubsado

▶️ [14:01] I like Asana that I guess because of my corporate experience it reminds me a little bit more of what I used to use mm-hmm. . But yeah, you can, using a tool like Zapier, you can trigger things to go from, like if this happens in Dubsado, have this happen and click up Asana, Trello. So, there are those options for people who do need both of those systems in place. Not everyone does, but for some people it is necessary. 

▶️ [18:37] Awesome. I love it. And you know what, listen, for my audience, if you get in touch with Emma, tell her that you saw her on Cash In On Camera. She'll take good care of you, I promise. And then on the reverse side of that, I would say, again, if you wanna talk about Kajabi, reach out to me. I'm happy to get on a quick call and give you my opinion about what's going on for you, but either or, you need to make a decision about whether a, do you need a CRM  to Emma's point, you might not need it yet. Find out if you need one if you're at that stage. And then secondly, it's, we hope that we've given you some tips on helping to choose the right CRM based on what your client process is.






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