How To Use Appreciative Intelligence In Your Business with Dr. Catherine Wiberg

digital marketing Nov 04, 2022
How To Use Appreciative Intelligence In Your Business



You've heard of Emotional Intelligence but what about Appreciative Intelligence?

Dr. Catherine Wiberg helps organizations make sense of their strengths and opportunities to reach greater business results. She joins Cash In On Camera to introduce you to the power of Appreciative Intelligence for your business. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:32] So when we appreciate with gratitude the things that are going well, we then can build on those things that are going well. Do more of them. Do them better. And find other people who do well the things we don't do well, bring them into our team, and then appreciate in value everything about our organization, the way we see ourselves, the way that we show up in the and what our company can do.
▶️ [4:28] It's true. And appreciative intelligence has been around since the 1980s, just like emotional intelligence has, but people haven't heard it as much. We hear a lot of the pieces play to your strengths, focus on what's working well and we hear it and we want to do it. And it's still so ingrained too. I feel stuck wanting to do everything well when we can't. That's not who we are as people, but that's one of the big reasons that strength is emphasized by so many thought leaders today. And recognizing that your team, whether it be one other person, three other people, or 20 other people, Can have complementary strengths and you can use all of their strengths to build your organization, build your team, and build yourself even. 
▶️ [7:28] We have people all over the United States leaving their jobs, and most of them it's not for pay. It's because they want to feel appreciated and they want their value at the company to appreciate. They want it to grow and they want to. So when you rewrite your teams and the way you're looking at your employees, your organization, and yourself, then you can redesign your future you can change your culture. If it needs to be changed, you can find the pieces that need to continue, and it all comes down to the strengths, the teams, and looking at things in a new light. 
▶️ [9:33] I learned about it first in my doctorate program. I'm surprised that it is not more widespread as a body of knowledge. There are books published on it. There are some consultants who know about it. One of my missions is to get that out there. So that people know it's there. Yeah. So that people know that there have been case studies done, that there have been people who have put appreciative intelligence into play and their businesses have grown. People have put appreciative intelligence into play and they've said, "Oh look, it's not just an attitude of gratitude. That's a piece of it, but there's more to it than that." And really understand it more holistically than the little pieces that we hear about. I want more people to understand that this is a thing and it's a big deal. 
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