The Power Of Connecting To Your Higher Purpose with Diana Wentworth

digital marketing online business Nov 04, 2022
The Power Of Connecting To Your Higher Purpose



The incomparable Diana Wentworth joins Cash In On Camera to share her insights on finding your purpose and how to live life to the fullest.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:06] I think it's where everything starts. When we meet there's a spark of some kind and sometimes the Chinese have a legend that we are connected when we're born by an invisible red thread that everyone that we're destined to meet. And that certainly has proven true in my life of people showing up in the most amazing ways and my whole career, I've been an entrepreneur all my life and I've been connecting people around the table usually and watching so much magic happen.
▶️ [3:22] And it just seems like I just naturally like to watch people come together. That now is leading to something that I'm very excited about. It's called the Chosen Family Project. Yeah, We're in a time this year and right now in our country where there's so much divisiveness and what I love is to have inclusiveness. So this is a project that we're working on with Sean and Andrea Fine, who are some of the top documentary makers in the world, and Bruce Purdy and we're putting together a book all about how people choose their families and this includes the LGBTQ group because of their coming out and losing their families, they have created a new family. So I'm all about creating a family and especially around the table if possible. 
▶️ [8:39] I refer to it as the divine. It's the divine mystery. I don't know how to describe it in a way that is real, but I know that it's there. And when I wake up in the morning, I get up and have some water and take my pills and everything I can get. Back in bed, I listened to either the 50 or the 70-minute new calm, and what I discovered after a short amount of time, maybe three weeks into using it, I noticed that when I asked these questions that all of a sudden. I'd start having insights and solutions flowing into me that would not normally come and it's like this incredibly productive meditation.
▶️ [10:41] So really it's about using this technology. It really is a form of technology that you're using in order to tap into the divine. And so that's obviously a form of connection. It's connecting to that intangible energy that has allowed you, in this case, to download this information, to like write something that would maybe otherwise have taken you, who knows a month to write, but it came to you so naturally, and I just think that's so amazing how that pertains to marketing. Is that, Gee, I mean, if you're using a tool like that and you're using that type of technology, who knows if you could get more clarity around what it is that you are expressing, your ideas, which tend to be bottled up in our minds. We're thinking about these things all the time, but it's how do you express that? How do you make it real in this physical world? 
▶️ [13:52] Yeah. And those stepping stones, obviously and you went through that process, and like you said, maybe that at one point it was a redefinition of what are we going to do with these hosting skills because the world has changed and that's typical and normal to have happened.  And then you started moving into a different realm, but do you feel that you always have had a good connection or a good understanding of what your higher purpose was even back in the 1980s and 1990s? Or was it something that progressed and became more clear to you as the decades have come through? 
▶️ [16:30] I'm so happy to have you here too, and I love what you've shared here about this idea. Connecting for a higher purpose and those forms of connection are various, right? They are connections to other people, connections to the divine. Connecting through technology here through Zoom. There are so many different forms of connection. And that as you continue to do that, you too, just like Diana and I feel the same way. I feel like my higher purpose is something that's evolving and I'm becoming more clear about it as in my fifties now as well. So I think we can all appreciate that, that if you feel like you are still doing the work, right? You're still out there, you're connecting, you're not staying hidden in a silo and staying, you know, the best secret. Put yourself out there and things are bound to happen. 
▶️ [19:09] Well, I did not know the background story of it. So now that I have that background story, I'm glad I've been looking at this heart differently and thinking of it differently I think going forward. So thank you for that. It was just a very heartfelt thing that you did, which I love. I wanted to end by asking you about future projects. I, I know you mentioned chosen family project, and this idea of the inside edge, which is I believe undergoing of next evolution and moving into what you call wisdom circles. And I'd love for you to explain what that is. 
▶️ [22:31] Well, we just started recording some videos. I'm teaching a course called Expect Magic, and it's only a six-week course, but we're taking little snippets of the videos, maybe 10 minutes of what I'm saying there. And now we're posting those on social media. So the different topics like sovereignty and physicality and creativity. That ways to get those things moving in, in yourself and we're just putting it out like that. I hope it takes off. It's an experiment. We'll see what happens.
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