Design Your Life With This Truth with Shana Francesca

online business Dec 01, 2022
Design Your Life With This Truth



Shana Francesca transformed her life from one defined by abuse, to one defined by Joy. Don't miss this episode of Cash In On Camera as the Founder & CEO of Concinnate dives into the heart of life design, what it is and how we become masters of intention.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:42] And there was no allowance for me to question, to be curious because if I question, it was like, you're going against God and you're gonna go to hell. You know, there was this very strict, this is how you behave or you're going to hell. And this is what you do, or you will be abused and so, you know, it crafted my reality in a way that I felt this very deep need to feel reflected in my own life. And so I started crafting my bedroom as my safe space, and I started to recognize that there was this powerful connection between my mental health and how I felt about myself and how I felt within that safe space.
▶️ [5:06] Not everybody wants to hire an interior designer, but everybody, every single one of us can sit back and question the ways in which we've been that we are allowed to connect with one another, and are allowed to connect with ourselves because I don't know about you, but it's not working. So many of us feel very lonely, very isolated, even though we may have friends and so on and so forth, the way we're taught to connect with one another, it's not actually beneficial, right? We're not being able to show up as our true, authentic selves. And so working together, especially in a group coaching atmosphere, that's my favorite one-on-one, sure, we can do that. 
▶️ [6:22] Yes. It's looking, and I love how Mia Bird's song in her book how shows up and talks about it. It's about how we show up. It's about how we show up for ourselves. It's about how we show up for one another. It's about questioning those assumptions. It's about questioning the concepts around the nuclear family, around your partner or spouse, or whatever is everything to you. But that's just not a healthy way to be and it's not possible. We're seeing divorce at such crazy rates. We're seeing people choosing to be single at such enormous rates because It's too much to be the main person, the only person they always go to in another person's life.
▶️ [8:31] Number one, we underestimate the power of scent in our lives. Yeah. So, the scent is our most powerful connection to memory and emotion. So for some entrepreneurs, you might be working from a studio, right? And everything's all in one room. Well, how do you differentiate between when I'm working and when I'm not working? You can use scent, right? You can burn a specific candle or spray the room with essential oils or put essential oils on your own body, right? That while you're working, I'm smelling this particular scent, or when I'm not working, I'm smelling this particular scent or change between the two, we can trigger specific emotions. The thing to keep in mind is that once we associate a specific memory or emotion with a scent, it cannot be changed. It is virtually impossible to change it unless there's some significant trauma that occurs. 
▶️ [10:59] So I happen to know from our initial conversation that, that your home, the rest of your home is painted in a lighter color, in a much lighter color than this room. Yes, it is. So this room is completely different from the rest. It's dark it's a little bit moody. It's a little bit of fun, you know, so you've created it as a separate feeling, right? That's another powerful way with a different paint color or bright colors or maybe plants or things like that. There are lots of ways that we can create associations with our brain and we can take advantage of a whole variety of them. The reason why I bring up the scent is that it's so neglected, but there are lots of other ways to bring that association of separation into our lives.
▶️ [13:00] Because when we're talking about any of those things, we're creating imagery. When we're creating a vision board, what it really comes down to is why right? We're using images to remember to evoke a specific emotion, right? Like when I wanna say I wanna travel more, well, it's not just because I wanna see other places, it's because I wanna connect to a different understanding of the world. I wanna understand different cultures. The root of it is joy. I wanna experience more joy through new experiences. Right? And so I think anything that can help us to remember why we're doing something and can bring us back to that is an anger point. A calm in the storm that is entrepreneurship. 
▶️ [15:38] I think number one, getting curious. Getting curious about what's possible constantly examining our assumptions, right? And where they've come from and who's formed them, and why they've stuck, getting curious and staying curious. Curiosity did not kill the cat, right? I think that's a terrible saying. Curiosity is necessary for us to grow and learn and helps us develop courage and opens up possibility and when we do those things, we find better connections. We find mentors. We find all these beautiful things that we didn't know existed.


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