How To Convert More Sales Calls with Steve Brossman

#productivity Dec 01, 2022
How To Convert More Sales Calls



Want to increase your conversions and sell more products and services? In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Steve Brossman explains how to generate the right 'buying energy' before your sales call so that you can serve more people. You don't want to miss it!



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [00:40] Sales is the lifeblood of business. If you don't make sales, you don't eat. It's as simple as that. And unfortunately, most people think of sales as a four-letter word, which it is. But let me help the people start with my definition of selling, and I might put them on the right foot. Selling is professionally servicing other people's needs for mutually beneficial gain. Now it starts off with professional servicing, which is what everybody loves to do. Nobody got into business to be a salesperson, but they had to survive. So when we started and think of selling, that selling really is servicing. I've got a couple of little things to talk about later that may switch the mindset about selling just that little bit more. 
▶️ [04:36] It comes from everything, life coaching, weight loss, and then you get right down into the other sides of systems as well. Everything people do, if they do it in a repeatable way, they have a system and we turn it into a visual blueprint and they actually collaborate and work on it. Now they're writing down the notes and what's happening, instead of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm good, blah, blah, I'm good, blah, blah. By me, it's, we're collaborating together. I get a little bit geekier. There are three levels of influence in selling. There's the imposed influence, which is what most people are taught.
▶️ [6:18] So much comes to mind too. I think that it comes down to also being able to charge what you're worth when you implement it The way you are describing here, is figuring out having a system or you already have a system, but it's recognizing what that system is and putting it into a visual blueprint, but then actioning that throughout the sales process and saying, "Okay, let's.." It's really math. 
▶️ [9:28] So I'm gonna talk to somebody who's different, got authority, and then instead of just dumping information about you, about me, about me, about me to that person, it creates the relationship. And there are lots of different ways to create a relationship. And when you start stimulating those happy hormones, we're not gonna go into them. And it's like that person I think I can spend more time with them. I feel as if I've got a relationship. The number of people that say, Steve, I feel as if I already know you because of things. My back pocket guides, which we're gonna give away shortly have got videos in there, little bits of training, and they can make a decision and I want them to make a decision whether I'm an idiot,  or I've got something worthwhile.
▶️ [13:07] Yeah. It just elevated it to a whole new level and it's a competitive edge. Right. Not everyone is doing that. Not everyone is taking the time or has the systems in place to do that. We just recorded one here internally for our own profitable podcast recently as well. And it's not a long video. It's a short video that just says, excited that you booked a call. We call it a connection call. I don't know if you agree with that or not agree with that, but we have tried to stay away from, again, you know, the discovery call and things of that nature. But we have recorded it once recently, and it helps. It really helps because now that person feels more connected to you and they're more likely to come to the actual call. 
▶️ [17:58] This brings us back to the beginning of this conversation, which is you started telling us that we have to sell the system not yourself. And when you can start with the system and not sell yourself, you increase your conversions because now you have a buy-in and a collaborative buy-in with your prospect that you're working together on this. And to your point, the conversation leads to a natural, this makes sense. It either is going to make sense or it won't make sense. And the thing that you really want, I think at the end of any sales call is a is a. Whether it's what is the decision as opposed to, I'm not sure, things like that. So I love this idea of the system, right? Sell the system before you sell yourself. And that in and of itself helps people convert more of their sell more of their products and services. I love it. 
▶️ [21:01] Yeah. The info you said to me is to give them a tool or tip and you want to help them to market like it's not 1999. Interestingly enough, most of the things that I have been using except for the icing on the cake with the neuroscience I've been doing since I opened up my own health club in 80. And I've created a lot of things, but it goes back to a lot of different principles and I'm gonna go back to my first book, which was about 10 years ago, and it was called Stand Up. Stand Out, or Stand Aside. I did want to call it in my Aussie colloquialism. Be Different or Bugger Off. So it's Stand up. Stand out or stand aside. And Seth Godin said it's more important to be different than be better, cheaper, or faster. 
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