Get 'Shook' With A Book with Mike Capuzzi

digital marketing Dec 01, 2022
Get 'Shook' With A Book



Mike Capuzzi is 'shook'. He's not talking about the ground beneath him, but rather his view on leveraging 1-hour quick read books for business. In this episode of Cash In On Camera learn how Mike's special brand of short books is the ideal type of book to publish to generate new business and new connections.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:37] Yep. So they're short enough that just about anybody can create one and maybe should create one, right? So, whereas a traditional business-oriented book, Sheryl, is let's say 250, 300 pages, Maybe a hundred thousand words in the manuscript are short, helpful books and they are real books. I mean, they look like a real books. They have text on the spine, and they sit on a bookshelf, but they're designed very intentionally, very specifically to be about a one to two-hour read. Some people can read it in an hour, and some people know a little longer, but it's intentional. They can sit down in one sitting, or maybe they're jumping on the plane in New York by the time they land in Chicago. They have read the book cover to cover, which is good for a lot of reasons. 
▶️ [4:10] And I love that you talked about funnels, even though I'm not a big fan of the word funnel because I think it conjures up this sort of like, the image of, I don't know, complication but the truth is you have to have a sales process. Yes. How are you generating leads, how are you nurturing people, leading them to sales, et cetera? And so what you talked about there in terms of the funnels, it's really just helping you to expand your opportunities by going down different rabbit holes, so to speak around in your example, email marketing. What are the biggest advantages in terms of, aside from having a funnel and leading people to sales, like what other advantages are there to having these short form short books, these shooks as you put them? 
▶️ [7:40] Yeah. Well people who come to us already know cause they've read my shooks, they already know I've been very intentional. Here's the kind of publisher we are for and here's who we're not for. So yeah, if you're looking to be on a New York Times bestseller, you're looking to that kind of thing. Yeah. We're not the right publisher for you. But if you're looking for a very specific type of Marketing book, a lead generation book, we have a pretty cool way of doing it, working with you, and really creating something special. So they already know Sheryl, ahead of time of the kind of books that we're talking about here. Yeah, it doesn't mean you can't sell your books, right? We just, I just launched my own book just a couple of days ago on Veteran's Day and our goal is to raise money for a nonprofit with that book. 
▶️ [11:35] Exactly, yes. So I had someone on my podcast earlier this year. It took him seven years to write his first book. And I'm interviewing him about his book. He caught wind of a shook. He is like three months, Sheryl, he's getting ready to launch it next week. I just got the email. I'm gonna help him launch it as a partner. He wrote his second book, which is now a shorter book in a matter of a few months. So from seven years to a couple of months. So the first mistake is a way of over-engineering this. If your book never gets done because you're never finished it, it's not gonna help anybody, right? This is about helping people with your book first and foremost. So yeah, it's over-engineering. It's also forgetting that these non-fiction business books, in my opinion, Sheryl, should be conversation starters. So you need to give interested readers pathways to connect with you.
▶️ [16:12] Yeah, I don't think it's gonna be revolutionary here, Sheryl, but it is time-tested and proven. So the first thing is, you know this, and this has to do with just being in business in general, but being a book author, it's always about serving your ideal target first. So I always approach things, everything about trying to serve, first, serve the book reader, serve this person, whatever it might be. And if I, just by intentionally shifting that thought, it changes a lot of things. It ought to change a lot of things in a positive direction. So, serve first. 

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