TikTok & Google: What You Need To Know with Atiba de Souza

social media Dec 06, 2022
TikTok & Google: What You Need To Know



Atiba de Souza knows content. He is one of the few people with the skills and insight to marry emerging software and Google’s algorithm with an intuitive feel for the culture of every social media platform. On this episode of Cash In On Camera, we're tackling TikTok's relationship with Google and what you need to know in 2023!



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:08] And so even in this conversation about virality, like virality is one of those fun, funny terms because everybody wants to go viral, but who's actually watching? That content is actually the people you want to watch that content. And so what I've gotten known for is figuring out how to create content and a content strategy that your audience who actually wants to give you cash wants to consume.
▶️ [3:50] And here's one of the things with TikTok TikTok is evolving and it's also maturing. Okay? Now people still aren't going to go to be bored. They're still not going to TikTok to just see a talking head, and that's not what they're looking for either. And so there still needs to be some creativity in it. You need to consider how you create the company. And again, getting back the content and the audience. So the audience there does want to be entertained, but it does not mean that you cannot educate while you entertain. So yes, you need a hook. Bring that hook in so that it grabs them. 
▶️ [6:15] I think one thing that happened during the pandemic was it really brought to light a lot of people who are hesitant, afraid, nervous, and apprehensive about getting on video. During the pandemic, they were forced to go into video and start to use it, and they were pushed into it and they had to get over their fears, otherwise, they would not be able to have survived it. Now in the post-pandemic world, I think that's an advantage because a lot of people had to force themselves to do something that scared them. Now it's really about looking at that and saying, "Okay, I got over my fear because I was pushed in." However, now to your point, it's about the strategy.
▶️ [10:30] Okay. That's a great question and I'm glad you asked because and I'm going back to something we said earlier. As business owners, the thing that we care about is what? Money. Right? It Alls gotta make sense. Yeah. If all don't make sense, we shouldn't be doing it. Okay? We're not in it for likes, we're not in it for views that don't make us money. Now understanding that then when we look at Google, we realize that Google is the best place to understand the intent of your potential buyer. Yeah. What do I mean by that? Every time someone types something into Google and does a search, they're looking for an answer. There's a reason that they're looking for that answer. There's information that they're looking for, and what we can do is figure out what the intent of that was. Are they just writing a book report or they're a 12-year-old kid writing a book report? Okay. Not your ideal customer, right? Or are they someone who's actually looking to purchase your service or learn about your product or service? Then potentially your ideal customer. Google gives us that information when we understand what people are searching for.
▶️ [14:31] Yeah, I agree. It's so interesting. I think it warrants a whole conversation around the short form, vertical video, really? Mm-hmm. , and we're hinting at it here because TikTok is a form, YouTube shorts is a form of short-form vertical video, Atiba, we'll probably have to have you back on the show to talk strictly about that because that's a whole other thing to unpack. It is, but what we're really focusing on today is the connection. TikTok's vertical short-form video to the indexing on Google, the searchability of that, the free traffic potential opportunity on Google. And then you bring in, and you brought it in already, but this idea of the YouTube and then YouTube shorts also doing that, I mean, It's so interesting how things are evolving. makes your head explode a little, but it is a wow moment, right?


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