Do You Really Need A Funnel with Reuben Swartz

#productivity Dec 07, 2022
Do You Really Need A Funnel



Do you need a funnel in your business? Maybe yes, maybe no. In this episode of Cash In On Camera Reuben Swartz shares how to know if, and when, you need a funnel. Don't miss this episode if you're looking to earn more in 2023.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:10] And the other thing I would say is we've probably also been on the receiving end of some of those funnels and not had a Nicky experience and not realized we were going through a funnel because we just felt like we were walking down the path that was made for us. So it really is a lot about, are you doing something that's gonna really benefit the person buying, then it doesn't feel gross, or are you doing it to trick people into buying who maybe isn't the right fit? And then it feels gross and it feels like an F word.
▶️ [3:49] Yeah, I totally agree. I think that they're using funnels as a way to avoid the thing that scares them about sales when sales is a necessary function of a business. And so there's this thing that's going around where people are trying to ignore the thing that scares them, but yet, listen, you're not in business if you're not selling something. You have to get over that fear of selling in order for you to have a viable business. I like what you said about being quasi-automated. I want to talk about the funnel now from the perspective of a specific person, a coach, a consultant, someone who's in the knowledge industry, they're packaging up their IP into programs, courses masterminds, memberships, it's something that really their knowledge that they're selling to other people. Right? 
▶️ [6:18] So get rid of that whole automated funnel to sell the $300 of eBooks or whatever and let's go get you the next amazing client that really lights you up. And later maybe you write a book or you have some offering for somebody who's got an audience of a million people, let them automate that funnel. But you, your genius is not in funnels, it is in helping your specific ideal prospect to achieve the amazing gains that you give them. 
▶️ [8:22] Yeah, and I think it goes to what you said earlier, these people don't like selling. I know, cuz I still don't like selling. And Bob Berg was on my podcast, he said, Ruben, you don't dislike selling, you dislike what you mistakenly think selling is, which is perfectly accurate. But for me, it's just easier to think of it as I'm just not gonna sell anybody. I'm gonna help people. Because I'm an engineer. I like solving problems. I like helping people. Most of us in the service industry were there cuz we like helping people. And sales, if done wrong is about coercing someone to do something that's a benefit to the seller, not necessarily to the buyer if it's done right as Steve Rossman was saying on your show, it's a service to the buyer, right? We've all had those experiences where we had a crappy sales experience and we're like, ick. This felt like there'll always be the closing guy from Glen, Gary, and Glen Ross, and we've also had lots and lots of experiences where we bought something with a really helpful salesperson that we don't even put in the mental category of we got sold. 
▶️ [11:14] So what is the point then of having a million followers on Instagram? Faceless people that you don't know, who will never get to know you, who you don't even know if they're your ideal people. So I think we're going away from this like vanity metric world that we've been so indoctrinated into, and we're gonna go more toward the high touch. And I would prefer to have fewer people, but know that I can actually have an impact, that I can serve those people really well, and have fewer people in my world than to have a million people following me on Instagram.
▶️ [14:21] Yeah. Yeah. I think you're absolutely right. And I like how you said that if you really know your product is service and you know your numbers, I think that's really what I'm hearing you say. Like you have to know your numbers, you have to project, and you have to have a goal. And if you reverse engineer that goal back and you determine that you really need, let's say, you need three clients a month to make whatever it is your goal is. Then there really isn't any point trying to squirrel around incessantly doing all kinds of things and creating these complicated funnels to drive in 500 leads per month. If you really don't need that many for what your goal is. It really comes back to understanding what it is you do, what your products are what they're priced at. Crunching those numbers and understanding what your unique roadmap ought to be. 
▶️ [17:45] So the anti-CRM is designed for us independent folks who really don't like selling. We don't like marketing, but we wanna help as many people as we can. So we've got a lead magnet capability to let folks teach instead of the market. And that's the front of the funnel if you will. And then we've got that ability to reach out and have a conversation. And this is really the key thing. Like they're not gonna pick up the phone and call us most of the time, but we can reach out and have a conversation and it's gonna be about the thing that they really want to talk about the cause they're struggling with it, that we're an expert in. So it doesn't have to be a sales call, it's more like a doctor's consult. And we don't have to have any stress about, do I have to close this person? Because I know I've got a line of people that I've also gotta talk to, so I'm just gonna make the right diagnosis, have a good time.
▶️ [20:23] Yes you do, but it shouldn't be this fully automated one-size-fits-all, or even like multi-pronged different email paths funnel. It should be a way for you to systematically attract your ideal client and have conversations with them and figure out what to do next. And it should happen in a way that feeds into your natural energy, the stuff you enjoy doing and talking about, and that your ideal clients need. 


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