Music & Marketing: What You Need To Know with Max DeVincenzo

digital marketing Dec 08, 2022
Music & Marketing: What You Need To Know



Music is a powerful tool. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, award-winning music producer Max DeVincenzo shares what we need to know about choosing music for marketing ourselves and our businesses online.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:44] The way I look at those two things is marketing is getting your message to somebody. It's telling somebody, Hey, my product is over here. And then branding is everything else in the experience. So if I am going to a coffee shop, I just saw a sign for it and I'm going to drive over there the branding piece of that is everything from the outside of the shop to the coffee cups themselves, the people who are hanging out in the coffee shop. And so the music component gets tied into that because music is something that can create an emotional connection for people. So the same way that you get an emotional connection to the coffee shop, music can create an emotional connection for anybody to listen to your podcast or prevailing your website, or watch any video content that you put out.
▶️ [3:01] I guess that we then, as human beings are just wired to viscerally react or have some type of feeling about music without us even really knowing it. Maybe it has something to do with just the way that our brains are wired. But what you do now is you're creating custom music for people, whether it be for their brands or especially for their podcasts. Obviously, you're here on Cash In On Camera, this is a podcast that is done as a video and then also in an audio format. We do use a little bit of music on the audio side, but it isn't customized admittedly.
▶️ [6:04] So I think that there are two approaches to this. You can approach it from the viewpoint of what I want my patrons to feel when they're listening to music. Do I want to create music that is for them, or do I want to create music that represents me? Ideally, the person that you're attracting for your podcast is there because they like you, right? And so to answer your question, you would want to do music that is based on Prince, because even just you saying that, saying like, "Oh, I'm a Prince fan", immediately I have a little bit of information of who you are, what you like, what makes you tick, and now I have a connection. So I think that the most important thing in marketing is just these personal connections because there are a million people out there, million different businesses, and people still go through referrals because they want to know that they can trust the person that they're getting in touch with.
▶️ [10:16] It's so true. Every time I hear it, I just know that it's him and it's very recognizable and I think that would be maybe, again, a huge opportunity for us all collectively to think about music in a different way as far as our marketing is concerned, or as you put it earlier, and maybe I'll have to retitle this video and this podcast episode now, cause we called it music and marketing. What I'm getting from you from this conversation is it's really about music and branding and that's really where the connection is. 
▶️ [12:59] They get to choose one of those three and then we go from there. And the other cool thing about Fox tracks I just wanna mention is that we have a network of studio musicians. So all of the music that we do Has actually human beings on it. There's actually somebody playing the drums, actually somebody playing the bass, somebody playing guitar. And that's something that you can't really get with stock music or programmed music as it's called or midi music. So that's part of the process. That's what it would look like. 
▶️ [14:52] Yeah. The one thing that I would give to people is to get personal. Market in a way that you can actually connect with the person that you're going. Working with getting your face there, getting your voice there, actually making a connection with the person and will bring you lots of success. Finding clients that you relate to and that you actually want to interact with and work with. And that's the goal. 
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