Remove Your Business Blind Spots with Eileen MacDonell

online business Dec 06, 2022



You don't know what you don't know. In business that can be a scary thing. Fear not! International Best Selling Author and Intuitive Breakthrough & Results Coach Eileen MacDonell joins me to share how we can remove the blind spots in our business we don't even know are there.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:00] There are many that show up in terms of our own work, our own worth, and the value that we hold of ourselves. Our self-image. The self-image of who we were as kids, who we were as teens, and who we were in our twenties.  And just creating all of these limiting stories, and we don't even realize much of the time that these are just stories that we've agreed to, that we've consented to. And then people will say like, I didn't consent to not have success, but in reality, we do. We allow ourselves to stay enrolled, to stay connected to the stories of when we were young, or if somebody said that our nose was too big or our forehead was too high, or that was a stupid answer to a question. We'll still hold onto the stories that say, I can't put my hand up to answer because my answer might be stupid. 
▶️ [4:32] If you're really not looking at the service portion of the exercise, then it's not gonna work. This isn't something that is gonna be a really good tactic for you to use in your business. So you gotta change your attitude. So once you switch your attitude and once you really see yourself with that self-image of I can be, do, and have anything I want. I am the creator of my world, the creator of my future. I am creating everything, all the. When you start to realize that you are completely responsible for that then your attitude gets to start to change. And having that attitude change doesn't mean that it's an entirely do, do attitude and it's not busy, right?
▶️ [7:36] So I have a sign up on my wall and it says, tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it. So it's really important to follow your own navigation and really to stop looking for people, for other people's opinions who haven't tried to do what you're doing. So I often tell my clients, to reach out to people who are doing more than me because they're never gonna get criticized by people who are doing more than them. You're never gonna get discouraged by people who are doing more than you but you will by the people that are doing less. And it's not necessarily coming from a bad space, it's just coming from a space of somebody who's who doesn't have that access to information. So follow your own intuition and begin to trust it. That big gap that I find entrepreneurs have is that they don't trust their own intuition in their own direction. 
▶️ [11:03] Somebody very wise gave me advice once. Don't criticize, don't defend. And that is priceless, priceless advice. It'll create incredible peace in your life. If you can remember those four words, so to help strengthen that resolve is really to develop faith in yourself, and surround yourself with people who hold your vision at the same level of energy and belief as you do. Make sure that you are connected to your vision every single day.
▶️ [13:47] Because at that moment, first of all, we feel powerless that you are here. I'm here, we're all here. And now being stuck, you could choose to be stuck, or you could choose to see it as a gift, and then you could ask yourself, okay, so right now I'm feeling impatient. Why am I feeling impatient? What is it about this situation that makes me feel impatient? So I'm feeling powerless that I can't get out even if I really wanted to. And what do I get to learn? What can I do in this time that I'm just sitting? And sometimes you're not gonna close your eyes and go into meditation, but maybe you're gonna have a conversation with yourself about how can I learn to be more patient. How can I be grateful for the person in front of me who isn't moving, who doesn't feel the sense of urgency to suck the other person's bumper?
▶️ [17:02] So when we are exploring these things in these questions, we get to know that we are perfectly imperfect. We are in the exact perfect scenario that we should be at all times, that this is happening for us, not to us. So when we start asking the questions of how can I get more clients or focus on them, I am so happy and grateful for the 12 clients that I'm working with that are lovely and specific. Be specific. I mean, you don't have to give them all names, but be specific about the kinds of clients that you wanna work with and call those in and say, "Okay, I am so happy and grateful for my clients." "I'm so happy and grateful for the amount of money that I'm earning. I'm so happy and grateful for the service that I provide, that they're transforming, that they're growing, that I'm delivering that." And be grateful for things that you don't even have yet.
▶️ [20:24] Well, there are two things. The first thing is showing up and being vulnerable, showing up, and really speaking from the scar, not speaking from the wound, but just because, so many people think that they have to be the expert in what they're doing. That they have to have everything all together in order for them to be respected or understood or heard or seen. Where really you just need to be maybe one or two steps in front of your clients, right? For the people that you can help. So that would be the first thing just to show up vulnerably. Share, and create a genuine, genuine connection. Don't spam and DM people with these huge things, making offers when you just said hello.
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