Pay Attention to Artificial Intelligence In Your Business with Jason Szeftel

#productivity Dec 06, 2022
Pay Attention to Artificial Intelligence In Your Business



There are industry-wide shifts happening in the markets you serve - especially with AI. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, attorney, consultant, and author Jason Szeftel joins me to look into the future and how our businesses are being impacted by technological advancements such as artificial intelligence. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:59] And I'll say just at a high level, the most sophisticated applications of it are actually not pure artificial intelligence. It's about creating a symbiosis between artificial intelligence technologies and then the human touch. So it's really about marrying those things. Actually, if you do two pure automated stuff, everybody's seen the emails, the marketing emails, all this stuff. Its people are inundated with it. But it's really this combination of the human touch and then really sophisticated artificial intelligence processes on the back end, on the front end, and pulling those things together has been transformative for a lot of businesses. 
▶️ [2:57] But I mean, these tools and some of these tools I didn't even know existed. But the one in particular that comes to my mind is the one with the video where you could basically use this tool and it will create an avatar of any description and that person, you can marry your own script or your own speaking to it and have it say whatever you want it to say. Like, it really is mind-blowing what is coming out now, and a lot of these tools we don't even know exist. People are still struggling with the basics of sales and marketing at this point, let alone looking at the future of all these amazing tools that are coming down the line or that exist today. 
▶️ [5:31] Yeah. I suspect a lot of the businesses that you work with at your agency are maybe more enterprise-level type companies. But I wanna speak to, again, you know the six-figure coach, right? Who's trying to get to seven figures and really wants to sell more of their products and services? How can they integrate AI into their sales and marketing strategies? Because you really pride yourself on developing really modern types of strategies to help people actually do that. So what are some ways that, again, a six-figure, seven-figure entrepreneur could utilize artificial intelligence more effectively?
▶️ [8:03] So based on that answer, it sounds like there is an opportunity to use more artificial intelligence in the business, more from the perspective of actual intelligence, like actually gaining knowledge about who your existing client or customers are with the intent of increasing lifetime value or retaining them or selling other products and services. It sounds less like we would use artificial intelligence in the lead generation or brand awareness phase. Is that true? 
▶️ [10:45] Yeah, I think this is probably the core of the challenge of marketing, like in this decade of what people need it really think about. The core challenge here is we have all these tools, and I'll tell anyone who's tried to implement a new, not even just artificial intelligence, but a new tech system. They know that you can get something that's so intricate and so complicated and just ends up being a disaster. You just get it to work, getting the processes to evolve within your company, it can be way more trouble than it's worth. And so that's one challenge. But this height, this getting the human touch is so important because we people crave it and ultimately we lack it. And a lot of marketing is just discovering what these needs and these wants and these desires are. And then finding the consumer offerings that really help provide what would people lack. And the human touch is so important, and in a world where people are starting to really implement AI companies, businesses, the individuals that could combine AI. With human touch is actually going to be the most successful without a doubt. 
▶️ [15:33] We're gonna have more than half of the content on the internet will probably be AI-generated. The images, the articles, the blogs, the stories, it's getting that good, the natural language processing. It's really getting powerful. I was just talking to a Ph.D. student at USC about some of the work he's doing. It's ridiculous and that's really where things are going. Can see a VC, companies are already looking in that direction. And so again the thing that can stand out, I mean do what your business needs get the information do the right processes to have the highest quality information that doesn't decay for your business. And then come out with a strategy that engages people as humans. 
▶️ [17:07] And this is the company that provides a lot of the specific tools, technology strategies, branding, branding shifts all that to make it happen. And so it really focuses on what is your company, what are you trying to do. Who are your competitors? Where are you competing? What's your position? And then, doing a full spectrum strategy depending on what the business needs to make that happen. And so it provides a lot of things in just different pieces. I try and help anyone who has a problem and I'll just try and tailor a lot of this to, their business because like I said, I have a really big macro perspective about where the world and all these things are going and everyone's seeing the world's chaotic.
▶️ [19:40] Well, you don't have to convince this video strategist that video is the thing. It was the thing before the pandemic. It's the thing after the. That is primarily why I look at things through a video-first approach because it is such a powerful medium and modality. So Jason, so great to have you here on Cash In On Camera today to share your thoughts on artificial intelligence for our businesses, how, and how it affects us now, but also how we can learn to integrate it and still live with it while not sacrificing the things that are really gonna help us connect as human beings.
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