Finding Your Right Fit Clients On LinkedIn with Ann Carden

online business Dec 09, 2022
Finding Your Right Fit Clients On LinkedIn



Want to know how to find your ideal clients on LinkedIn? Strategic Business Consultant Ann Carden joins me to demonstrate how to find your right-fit clients and why LinkedIn is a great place to find ultra-high-fee clients.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [2:46] So I've been on LinkedIn for many years and for a lot of years it's been a fairly stuffy platform. I'm just going to say, you know, that's not me. Yeah, it actually, I was gonna bring it up. It kinda started out, you know, for recruiters and for people looking for jobs and companies that were looking for employees. But it has definitely evolved and the thing that I love about LinkedIn now is they're adding these amazing tools that are going to, that are so relevant for all of us trying to build our brand on social media. Like they came out with the lives, I think they came out with it in a beta a couple of years ago, but they rolled it out live this year. I think for everyone they rolled out creator mode, they rolled out the audio feature, the lubhouse was a big thing for a while, and then they rolled out the audio feature. 
▶️ [5:58] Yeah. One thing to know is that you can use the free version of LinkedIn, which everyone should at least be optimizing their free version. But you can also use the paid version, which is the sales navigator. There's also a premium version. Most of my clients are either in Sales Navigator or if they're using the free if they're not looking for a lot of people. So the main thing too with LinkedIn really understands the strategy you're going after. So if you're trying to get to maybe high level CEOs, that's gonna require a different strategy.  from working or going after professionals that are hanging out there, they're showing up in your feed. They're very active on LinkedIn. And so it's really important before you do anything on LinkedIn to really understand what you are trying to accomplish there, who you're trying to reach and then positioning your profile for those people, make sure it's really relevant to the people that you're trying to attract. 
▶️ [7:35] ​​Where people are showing up in your inbox. Right. They're connecting because they're like, wow, you wanted to connect with me. So all of those things are the foundational work that has to be done, and it is missing for a lot of people. They think they have it dialed in or they think they've done a really good job with that, but I don't think I've worked with a client yet that we couldn't just really ramp that up and make it even more powerful, strengthen that positioning on LinkedIn. So they really did stand out as the authority and the expert, but they also looked different from everyone. They don't look the same. 
▶️ [11:24] Anytime you have things, that you have in common or you can talk about, it's going to always open that conversation, which is really what you wanna do on LinkedIn. Think about it very much like networking in person. If you go out and your network in person what would you do? You would wanna know about them. You would want, you would say hi. And so you wouldn't start selling. And so you have to treat it the very same way. So this is how you do the free search, which is what a lot of people have. So let me clear that.
[14:20] Yeah. If that makes sense. So this is a way then that you can go and connect with these people that come up and you need to have a relevant message to connect with them and why you're connecting with them. And this is where optimizing your profile and all of that comes in. But when you have all of that dialed in there's not a more robust platform on social media period that can do this for you.
[16:54] Yes. So, I can go into Sales Navigator if you want me to. The thing that. Love Sales Navigator and I do have a YouTube video out there as well where I break this all down, although it has changed a little bit I think since I did that video. But the cool thing about Navigator and it is paid, I think it's $99 a month, but it is well worth it if you're really serious about growing your business on LinkedIn. . And the great thing is if you think about going to buy a list of your ideal clients from a list broker, like the revenue, and you know who those people are, you're going to pay money for that. But in LinkedIn, you get to actually go in and just curate your switches really nicely. So if you're looking for companies, you're gonna use the accounts filter.
▶️ [19:44] The other way to do it is you can hit select all. Let's say this is a cool feature too. Let's say you can't go through and actually look at all of these at one time because it's a lot. You can hit select all. Now, this is a feature they just changed. You do have to go down to each page, which used to not be that way. Now you have to go to each page and you have to hit select all, but then you can save the search and you can call it something. So I would say, this was California tech companies. I didn't spell that right you get the Drift 200 million. So anything that's gonna help you remember that list whatever it was I searched, you would save the search, and then you could go in at any time you would find that search. Here are your save searches up here. I have a lot of them. 
▶️ [23:07] Yes, it does come down to your business. But the reason I definitely recommend navigator to my people is that they would have to go pay for a list anyway. That's right. And the thing is, this is fast, so time is money. Right. I know a lot of people say time is not money but in the big scheme of things. We wanna leverage our time. So when you have a navigator, and you can build multiple lists and you can do this, let's say you're running a workshop for chiropractors. You can go and target them, invite them to your workshop, and then next week you wanna, and this is just obviously a weird example, but next week, you wanna run a workshop for marketers. You go in and you build a list. You don't have to keep going to buy lists from people and trying to sit. 
▶️ [26:01] I actually do, and I do think, oh, so I just wanna speak to this. I think it's a really good point because things are getting busier and the platforms are getting busier and the pandemic pushed a lot of people onto social media that were not there before. I am a big believer you spend your time on the platform where you're gonna get the most traction. So where are your ideal clients? That's where you're active, that's where you spend your time. However, once you get that really working, it's smart if you still wanna grow your business to now add on another layer or another platform. You can repurpose all of your content and everything you're doing. Like I went live this morning on LinkedIn, but I was also on five other platforms. We're doing that right now, right? So leverage your time, and repurpose your content.
▶️ [29:02] I do. Thank you for asking. So I am running a three-hour free virtual workshop where I am training some of my newer clients on how to add a high-level, high-fee mastermind to their business and I typically invite other people into the room where their business is in the right place. There is an application process, so I don't charge for it because, but it is gold. We work on it. It's a workshop I could charge for this, for sure, I have people who get incredible results right outta my workshop, but I don't charge. But you do have to be in the right place. And there is an application process. I mean, we put you through, you fill out the application if that looks like a good fit, where the strategies will apply to you. Your business is in the right place, and you get an invitation.
▶️ [32:29] Yeah, you do have to do outreach. You have to have a strategy for how are you going to put yourself in front of other people. And I think it is a combination of both, right? You want to show up in the world and you wanna be on the content side and you wanna be there, "Hey, look at me, and here's all the value that I provide." But then also being you. proactive Yes. About going out there and actually putting in some time and connecting with people. So it makes a lot of sense.

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