Keywords Research For Ads with Ameet Khabra

#productivity Dec 14, 2022
Keywords Research For Ads



Thinking of running ads? Don't make a move until you hear what Ameet Khabra has to share about keyword best practices. In this episode, Ameet will make sense of broad match and negative keywords and conversion tracking. We've got you covered!



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:42] I think a lot of people are seeing this ongoing conversation about the cost per click, going up about our cost, and just advertising going. But they're not considering the fact that as advertising becomes more easily accessible to people naturally it's gonna go up when there's a demand for it. Naturally, there's only so much supply, so the price will start to go up. And everybody sees that as a negative thing. And, I mean, of course, it is. Obviously, I wanna pay the least amount of money possible, but at the same time, if it's still generating revenue for me, I'd rather take that than nothing. And there are some advertisers or business owners out there who are like, we've left, the cost per click is too high. But when they were to look at their actual numbers, they're still in the red, or not in the red, sorry, in the black. I was gonna say green and then I got tripped up a little bit. But it's okay in the block. And then they turn off ads and then they see this decline in their revenue and they don't know how to account for it. And it's because they've turned off advertising.
▶️ [3:18] And are those keywords that I wanna actually bid for? And then you go back into Google Keywords planner and then take a look at whether or not how it's gonna cost you a ton of money, or if it's gonna be relatively low competition. But with the addition of new tools now, We have so much information in front of us that we can actually find keywords that our competitors might have never even realized were even in existence really at this point. So if you're willing to mine through the endless amount of data. You can find some really great gems that could work for quite some time, and you can kind of geek out in front of your competitor that way, which is one of my favorite things to do.
▶️ [6:02] Well, when we're looking at Instagram and Facebook, really at this point, we know that Instagram is trying to push video content more, and more video content makes sense. And they're saying that users. want more video content, and they do, but that doesn't mean that static images have lost their way in all of this. They still perform really, really well. And if you don't have the ability to create video content, then you don't have the ability to create video content, at the very least, put in the static images. And then on the Facebook side of things, they have this really great ads library that I feel like not a lot of or not enough people know about it. So you basically just put in no Facebook Ads library into Google. Whatever comes up, click through and then you can actually put in your competitors and you can see what they've been running. 
▶️ [10:24] So essentially Google has given us in technicality three, but it's four and we'll be talking about the fourth one next anyways. So the three match types that we have are broad phrases and exact and they sound like how they are. So broad matches, essentially us saying, "Hey, no parameters around this keyword." It's like like throwing out a net and catching whatever you can possibly get. With the phrase, we could put let's just say Hop Skip Media. If I were to put quotations around Hop Skip Media, what that tells Google is that you can put anything before or after that phrase, but that phrase needs to be in that order. Like if somebody put Hop Media Skip, it would not show. But if they did Hop Skip Media, it would, and if they did Hop Skip again, it would not show up. And then for an exact match, the theory is that it would only be when somebody searches Hop Skip Media, and that's it. Nothing before, nothing afterward.
▶️ [14:30] Yes. So key or conversion tracking is probably my favorite thing in the entire world. And it's literally us tracking the actions somebody needs to take to get in contact with you on the website or whatever you deem to be a conversion. So sometimes for some businesses, it's somebody downloading a white paper. Sometimes it's downloading or giving your email address so you can get that coupon code for that bag store. And then sometimes, or more often than not, for a lot of our clients,  completing a form fill, sending an email, or phoning them, uh directly. So, on Google's side of things, it says a smidge harder to get all that information. So we use something called Google Tag Manager, which is essentially just code. We set up our little triggers and then we test them.
▶️ [18:43] Oh gosh. I honestly believe in networks and relationships more than anything in the world. It's essentially how I stumbled into becoming an agency owner at this point. I just would show up to places that I honestly really wasn't supposed to be at. But we were still digital marketing spaces,  cuz not a lot of people did PPC at that when I had started. There was a pretty. Skill at that point. So I would show up to  UYUX or web dev or social media SEO type of meetups and everybody would look at me really strangely and be like, what are you doing here? And then eventually I would just start, sit there and just ask questions. 
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