The 6 Audience Attraction Archetypes with Linda Claire Puig

social media Dec 13, 2022
The 6 Audience Attraction Archetypes



You want to build your audience but social media is not exactly making that easy. Enter Linda Claire Puig. She joins me on Cash In On Camera to share how business owners can build profitable, relationship-based audiences by knowing the 6 audience attraction archetypes. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:19] So I started looking at the different personalities of people and how they operate in the world, how they operate in their business. And it really was so interesting. It fell into a very clear pattern of six archetypes that they overlap. You can have one and you can have a primary one and a secondary one. Like, it's not like they're you're one thing and one thing only. But it was really fascinating how you could dial in on what to focus on based on your archetype. I felt like it was a way to, one of the biggest problems that my students have is they feel this sense of overwhelm around audience attraction. Cuz there are so many different things to do and you're supposed to do all of them. You're supposed to do Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and YouTube and like all these things that you're supposed to do. And so finding a way to manage what you might focus your attention on was of interest to me and of interest to my student. 
▶️ [4:41] So well, Sheryl, the main thing is regardless of whether you are primarily using social media or primarily other people's networks or a combination of both. The main thing is that your focus is on getting people to your list and then spending your time nurturing that audience because that's yours. And a lot of people think that all their social media followers are theirs. They're not actually, your account could be closed down any day just by accident, just by mistake.
▶️ [6:57] So the first one is the journalist. So this is a person who is curious about Everything. Their writing is their strength, they're natural interviewers and they do pretty well at being interviewed themselves. They prefer, generally speaking, staying out of the big spotlight. So we want to understand that the journalist is probably going to be doing things like podcasts, right? Where they can interview people or be interviewed. They're gonna be writing longer things on Facebook, for example, they're gonna be doing books. Books are a great list, building activity, and a journalist is a natural at that. They would probably focus on guest blogging or summits like the one that I'm starting next, next week. So it helps them lean into their natural curiosity and their natural talents. 
▶️ [9:58] So, the next one is the host. The host, you can imagine people who like to gather people together, and start conversations, right? Make sure everybody is doing well, So the host is somebody who would really love. The clubhouse is not that not as big as it was back in 2020, but there are still people using it quite successfully. And so Clubhouse is a perfect place for the host, for a host. Some of the Twitter I don't know about Twitter right now, but in general, like the Twitter listening spaces, those also are good hosting platforms. Podcasts are great for hosts, obviously on the hosting end. And they can host summits and host giveaways and they just have that presence of gathering people together for this big thing that's going to happen. 
▶️ [12:47] So they're just really collaborative and they love, love, love that. That aspect of connecting with other influencers that sort of a thing. . And then the last one is the talent. The talent might be the most obvious one. The talent is the one that loves to shine in the spotlight. And they are very natural on camera. You like pop, pop, open the camera and just do a video right then and there. They don't need a script. They're just so natural in front of it. They really do gravitate toward video and interviews, especially YouTube. I was gonna say, I forgot to say that the connectors are obviously LinkedIn is a very big hub for connectors. And Facebook is too. As far as the talent goes, you've definitely got YouTube and Instagram and TikTok and Facebook live, like all of the things that have a video component. Brilliant for the talent. 
▶️ [15:15] Well, I think one of the main things to do is to first know what your preferences are right? Before you start saying, where should I be? Where do I wanna be? Like, "I don't wanna be on YouTube, I just don't." and so I'm not gonna go there. I'm not gonna even try to have a YouTube strategy. It's just not me. So it helps you narrow down. So once you've narrowed it down to. where you can discover some of the places that you are willing to play then that's what you focus on. And I recommend that people focus on a maximum of three, preferably two, and even find one of the main bulky audience attraction strategies. So for example, I only focus on other people's networks, as I've just let that whole social media part go. Other people are gonna be like, "I'm gonna be on Instagram and I'm gonna do giveaways and that's what I'm gonna do." 
▶️ [18:28] Well, first of all, just note how perfect it is for my journalist archetype and my distant third host, right? I'm hosting 40 different speakers, 40 plus speakers. I think we actually have a few more than 40. And so I'm hosting them and I'm interviewing all of them. I got the privilege of interviewing all those speakers, which was just like my joy. And these are speakers that are each speaking on the one strategy that helped their business blow up. That, hence the word blowing up the summit. 
▶️ [20:56] Well, at the risk of repeating myself a little bit, first of all, I'm gonna say I don't market like it's 1999, but I do market like it's maybe 2005. Okay. I still get it. I still think that there are lots of really super valuable basics, foundational ways of marketing yourself that are tried and true, and for me, it's the email list. So I am all about getting the email list and then nurturing them, like developing a real authentic relationship. I love writing my audience about my travels and drawing stories from those and lessons from those I just feel like the act of building an email list and then developing that relationship with it is what leads to converting them into students and clients and sales of all sorts.


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