Demystifying Digital Marketing with Michelle Nedelec

#productivity Dec 13, 2022
Demystifying Digital Marketing





How complex does your digital marketing funnel need to be? Marketing and Business Automation & Infustionsoft Expert Michelle Nedelec joins Cash In On Camera to demystify digital marketing for 6 and 7-figure business leaders who don't yet need the giant '18-wheeler' of funnels but instead are looking for the reliable sedan to take them to the next level. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [2:00] Well, that's a great question. And again, it totally depends on how complex somebody's business is. So when somebody's just starting out and they have a like a narrow, we'll call it a ladder of ascension on their products. So somebody gets an opt-in, they go to a trip wire, maybe a $50 product, then they go to a $200 product, a $2,000 product, a $10,000 product, a $40,000 product. If they align really nicely, and they just keep consuming. They go, "I like this. They're gonna love the next one." If you have that clear ladder of ascension, then you tend to have a more simple business. The issue is when you have multiple products, multiple streams where people can be coming in, you really wanna make sure that you're getting those people where they're at. One of the examples I'd love to use is for an event planner that's bringing in a band, as soon as somebody buys a ticket for that event, you really don't wanna be promoting the event per se to them, what you wanna be promoting is the VIP tickets, the box seats, the VIP luxury, all-inclusive, limo ride and backstage passes, and you wanna be able to take them through their journey and not be bombarding them with other emails that aren't pertinent to them anymore because they've already told you that they're interested in this through their actions. 
▶️ [4:28] You can absolutely do that and when it comes to having a different kind of format for your business as soon as you're doing live events, as soon as you're doing online challenges, as soon as you are having some level of complexity. So if you were to ho throw an event and you had all of your prospects and all of your clients in the room, can you manage that kind of by yourself? As soon as you have 400 people in the room, obviously, that's not accessible. As soon as you start segregating people and saying, "Hey, these people have seats down right in front of the stage. These people have seats up on the balcony." Now you have a level of complexity in your communication that if automated has to follow that kind of flow of communication because nobody wants to walk into a room of 400 people and just all be herded. 
▶️ [7:49] There's something to be said for self-awareness and for understanding your strengths and your weaknesses as an entrepreneur so that you can, and maybe it isn't immediately. I mean, maybe you need to bootstrap at some point in your business when you're first, first starting, but when you are at a point where you can start to, you have decent cash flow and you can start reinvesting in yourself. I think it's one of the smartest things that you can do because you can then start really growing when you are not in the weeds of every single technical thing that's going on, and it can get complicated. 
▶️ [10:06] Absolutely. And that is something, that we support here. The thing I do is profitable podcasting and teach people how to do that, how to get clients' referrals and speaking engagements by leveraging a podcast. And in those three arenas, client referrals and speaking engagements, there's a kind of level of complexity within each of those different buckets. But coming back to what you were saying earlier it can get really complicated. Is there any way definitively to know, or for a person to identify what stage of business they're in and what kind of funnel they actually need? What is it that they need to examine? Is it that they should start with, "Well, I need to look at my offers, or I should look at my customer journey, or I should understand my ascension model." Like is there any one definitive way that we can help people say, “Look at this first and then determine what kind of funnel you need if you need one at all?"
▶️ [12:04] So we need to have somebody, one that can organize and understand, say Google calendars, and be able to show us what we really need to get ahold of based on how our business works. Likewise, when it comes to our C R M, our databases, and the software that we're using for our clientele, it's how complex is it. If I have a course and I just give people the course, that's pretty easy. I can give people videos. As soon as I wanna start watching. Who has access to those courses? Who doesn't have access? Do they have it on a monthly membership? Do they have to pay those memberships in order to continue to get access to those courses? Do I wanna give some people free access to those courses based on other packages that they may have bought? Or do I wanna give away chapter one for free as an opt-in? Now, those are all levels of complexity that technology is really good at being able to manage. 
▶️ [15:38] We put it all together and tried to pump life into the software and make it all work together. And unfortunately, somebody has an update here or there and it doesn't work. There are fantastical things that happen behind the scenes that websites just don't work all of a sudden and you have no idea why and it involves a lot of acronyms for some reason. And unless you understand those acronyms and what they are calling support and sitting on hold for two hours, it doesn't help your frustration in your business. Those are brutal, so we take care of all of those. One is because the techies understand the acronyms that the other person's using and they know what they're looking for, for the most part they know how to problem solve cuz that's their world, that's what they swim in. And the rest of us that wanna be able to get on stage, get 'em podcasts, talk to people, connect with other people, it's just not our jam for the most part. So, we wanna get out of this.
▶️ [18:06] Exactly. Wow. So there's, and there's a fine line there because sometimes people get themselves into business and they go, "Oh my God, I'm not loving my life right now. This is not how I intended to do it." And sometimes it's because they're doing the wrong things all together in the business that's not getting them to where they wanna go, but they're living on a different premise. They're still in that employee mindset of, "I listen to my clients and my clients are always right and I wanna deliver the best for them, and it's gotta be perfect." All of those will kill you in the entrepreneurial world. Done is the new perfect. You get to decide who your clients are. You get to decide who you wanna work with in a day, and you get to decide what you wanna delegate to somebody else. And usually, just for the record, accounting is first, email's probably second, and tech is probably third. 
▶️ [20:04] Yeah, I totally agree. And that's really coming back again, back to basics. Like talk to people, have conversations and that's really great advice. Michelle, thank you so much for coming on. This has been really a fun conversation. I think you've helped us to demystify digital marketing. Consider the customer journey, consider the complexity of your business, and understand who you are and what kind of business you wanna build. Those would all be great steps to start with before you start running around purchasing every SaaS product under the sun and trying to cobble them all together and causing yourself a lot of grief.


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