Should You Revamp Your Website with Krystal Covington

online business Jan 05, 2023
Should You Revamp Your Website?



Spoiler Alert! Your website doesn't drive traffic like it used to. Krystal Covington helps B2B consultants, non-profits, and retail companies boost their visibility online. In this episode, Krystal shares her thoughts on how to know if your website needs to be revamped and the #1 thing entrepreneurs are ignoring when it comes to online visibility.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:43] Yeah. At one point a lot of people started moving to landing pages for this specific reason that people are really going to bullet points. People are looking at various imagery and you just need to get people a clear message and a feeling rather quickly, versus giving them a lot of words. Because again, I even looked at a website yesterday, someone I've actually done business with, and she sent me a new website link to be able to make a purchase. And all I did was peruse it. There's tons of content. It looks like it's great content. I just don't have time to read it, and I'm just gonna look for, "Okay, what is she selling now? What are the benefits of those things now?" And then I can go and make my purchase with her. 
▶️ [5:32] And even when it comes to those other business types like the e-commerce and the SaaS business and things like that, they need their website to be as efficient as possible.  And they do have to have experimentation and they do need to put in money to invest in AB testing to make sure the website is converting at the highest level. But again, once they get there, my main point is, is that once you've got it there, People are asking if should they revamp their website. Usually, because they're struggling with sales, right? And so it's not a function of the website itself, it's a function of there's something else that's problematic. And so when the question is asked of me or a lot of times people come to me with their decision made and say, "Krystal, I need your help to rewrite all my website content." I had somebody do this recently, and I looked at her website. It was wonderful. She was telling me that it's not converting and I'm saying to her, "I don't know. The real problem is I don't know what I should do with you and you aren't clear with what you want people to do. The website is gorgeous and I would not do that, but I would focus on what are you selling?" And she had some confusion and she was really trying to work through that. 
▶️ [9:09] So you need to do something so you can have an assistant, for example, if you don't wanna be readily accessible or have people who aren't qualified leads talking to you, you can hire someone. Have a little popup that says schedule an appointment. Have them do 15-minute meetings go through a sales process and say, who are you? What do you need? This is how we can help you and are we a fit? And then that person can handle and do appointment setting for you. You can also make it direct to your calendar if you have the time, and you can take sales appointments from that. And you can even have information on your instant scheduler link that allows people to be self-aware of where they fit into the qualifications and things like that. So there are a lot of different ways that you can make your website bring people to you in some other way.
▶️ [12:55] So the first and foremost thing your website needs to do is provide evidence of credibility. So the main number one thing your website needs to do is make you look credible. After that is check marked, then the next thing to do is make it really, really easy to reach you. And then the other thing, number three I would suggest is always having at least a tiny bit of spending even if you have a bit of traffic on your website is to have a Google or Facebook pixel to retarget people who visit your website so that once people have been there, you can try to get them to come back. 
▶️ [15:35] Fantastic. This has been so much fun to chat with you about websites and understand whether or not we should be revamping them. It really comes down to making your website work for you. Really, it needs to be leading to business, and this idea of making sure your credibility is first and foremost, making yourself reachable, makes that super simple for people to reach out to you. And then the pixel for retargeting is also a little bit more technologically advanced for most but still an important step to be able to help you maximize your website.
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