Add $100k With Online Dashboards with Layne Booth

#productivity Jan 06, 2023
Add $100k With Online Dashboards



Want to learn how you can add $100k in revenue to your business and reduce your workload while doing it? Layne Booth shares how in this episode of Cash In On Camera by sharing how you can add premium dashboards to your suite of services. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:54] Yes. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for having me. By the way, Cheryl, it's gonna be a super fun conversation. I'm excited to just bring simplicity to numbers and dashboards so that other people can see the wild benefits that come from looking at their numbers. So, when you ask the question, what really is a dashboard? And you'll see stuff on maybe some of the current software apps that you're using, there's some that pop up in Asana. There are some that are in your QuickBooks. There are some already, they're in Kajabi. But the kind of dashboard that I'm talking about is a dashboard that helps you see your entire business end to end, we like to call these executive-level dashboards so that you can see what's happening all the way in the front end of your marketing to the middle with your operations and your team members and all the way, what we call the end cash in the bank with your financials.
▶️ [3:49] Yeah. It's such a great question. I mean, as entrepreneurs, we know you are busy, right? Like you bootstrapped this thing probably at some point you've got the ball rolling, and now here you are, you've brought on team members and you are just trying to delegate more to level up your leadership, and somewhere along the way You started realizing maybe I should know, like how my lead pages are actually performing, or how my ads are really performing, and is that really leading to cash in the bank or is it just getting me more followers? you know, at some point the questions started to pop up as, "Is what I'm doing, really working what I'm doing, actually adding revenue, adding profit?" And so prior to this point, you just had to get out there and hustle at it and make sales because until you were making enough sales to hire team members or to bring on new tools in your business, it wasn't as advantageous to look at the numbers when most of what you were trialing and testing wasn't gonna work out anyway.
▶️ [5:32] Yeah, I love that. And it does make sense that you be at a level, let's say a six-figure level, seven-figure level when you really start to look at this idea of an executive dashboard. Because I think prior to. Just to give it a milestone. Prior to six figures, you're really in the hustle mode. You're really just trying to figure out who you are, and what services you provide. You're just trying to get clients. But I think once you get into, as you pointed out, especially in that multiple six-figure ranges, that's when really you start to think about efficiencies and how we can make things better, and looking at numbers, and then you're stuck going, "How am I going to do that?" 
▶️ [7:52] Yeah, that's a great question. So let's say you are maybe an operations consultant or maybe you're a fractional CFO. Some type of online service provider type and you either have services that you're offering to clients currently but you're just feeling like you're kind of stuck in too many meetings and too much of what I call the doing. You're just doing the doing and the business and really you've got a higher level skillset already available to you. You've typically been in corporate or you've been in your role in business for an extended period of time. You really have this opportunity to step into what I call the advisor role to stop doing all the doing, but really be more of a leadership and a partnership position with your clients.
▶️ [11:01] Yeah, so we'll say like if you are curious, we're gonna be talking sharing about a workshop that I host on a regular basis about once a month. So, if you'd like to join me at our next upcoming workshop, you can go to lane That is Layne with a Y, L A Y N E. And come join us, and we are very open and transparent about what it looks like and what it takes to actually implement this inside your business. And so, we would absolutely welcome you to join us for that. We'd love to have you. And I would say for those that maybe you are a business owner that needs this in your business and you're wondering like, who do I reach out to? Where can I go next? You can certainly start tapping into your current team, you can ask them, "Hey, are you familiar with dashboards or with numbers? Is this something that we could pull together?" There are a lot of great starting points and templates out there that can get you to step your foot in the water. 
▶️ [13:32] You don't have to convince me. I know all about collaboration. I think that's totally where it's at. I think that's where it's at now. and it's really a foundational principle of business that is never gonna go away. So despite what happens with Social media or this or that the collaboration thing will never wane. So this has been great. Layne. Thank you so much for coming on, Cash In On Camera today and sharing with us how, again, you could add a hundred thousand dollars and when you really paint the picture of the numbers there, it's like five people. I'm like, "That's a doable thing." Yeah. I love it. So thank you so much for being on the show today.


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