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 Content Marketing: Quality vs. Quantity

Content Marketing: Quality vs. Quantity with John Egan

digital marketing social media Jan 13, 2023



Content can help you stand out from the crowd. But is it better to go for sheer quantity and flood the market with your views or craft fewer quality pieces? Content Marketing Writer and Strategist John Egan joins Cash In On Camera to share the naked truth about content marketing and what makes a bigger impact on your business - quantity or quality. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [2:22] Well, the algorithms and SEO are a component of that, but I think you touched on something that's very important. You're being consistent. You just maybe aren't doing it at the exact same time every day. And I think as long as you're consistently putting out content and doing it like if you do it once a month if you do it once a week, keep doing that. And you may decide that you need to change the regularity of your content because you are overloaded. So maybe you need to do it every two weeks instead of every week, but experiment with it and see what works. But don't give up on it. It's important to keep with it because the audience, if you produce good content and quality content, then your audience is going to come to expect that and they'll share it, and it just snowballs from there.
▶️ [4:51] Well, I think it's important when you are putting content out there that it is factually accurate, that it has a perspective, and yes, you can express your opinions, you can tell a story, whatever it may be, but it's important to know that you're being judged against all the other content out there. And so if you want your content to stand the test of time, whether it's today, this week or The next few years, it needs to have the bedrock of accuracy, no typos that sort of thing. And again, it all goes back to quality. I think if you look at what journalists try to do, they try to produce quality content. And you should have the same mindset when you're creating content for your brand, whether it's written content, visual content, or audio content.
▶️ [7:01] And so there's no right or wrong answer as to what kinds of content you should put into the mix. I think what's best is where is your audience looking for content and what kind of content are you noticing really resonates with them. And then stick to that. If they really love blog posts, then create blog posts. You can supplement that with video, but you need to figure out how are they best going to consume your content. Obviously want eyeballs on your content, so, and or ears if it's a podcast or some sort of audiobook or something like that. You have to figure out, you have to meet them where they are. 
▶️ [9:44] Well, I think it's like a dating app. I mean, if you get on a dating app, you have to know what person you're looking for, you know? Yeah. You can't just dive into the pool and be like, "Oh, well I like that one and that one and that one", and it doesn't work that way. You have to have in your mind the qualities of the person you're looking at on a dating app and that the same is true. The content creation and content production and content promotion parts of things are it's just important to make sure you are aware of who your audience is, what their demographics are, and what kinds of questions they have about your product or service. And that'll come through time. And again, experiment, experiment, experiment and fail quickly. If you fail quickly, then you can move on to something else that perhaps will yield much better results. 
▶️ [12:08] One of the tools that I love, it's called Metricool. And it's a social scheduling tool app. And within that tool, it gives you algorithmically, it's telling you and giving you some suggestions on when to post on LinkedIn and when to post on Instagram. And it specifically is doing that based on your content. You have to take it with a grain of salt, right? It's like, yes, that can be a guidepost to help you make a decision. But my feeling is that I would rather see people creating content, putting it out there at a schedule that suits them just so that they know that they're actually doing it. Rather than staying stuck in a box of like, "Well, if the best time for me to post or go live is Sunday at whatever time, but I have other commitments that I'm doing, I'm just not gonna do the content." it's finding ways to make that work for you. 
▶️ [15:16] I think you know my answer to this, and that is quality. Yes. Quality's gonna beat quantity every day of the week. You can put out one killer blog post or one killer video every week, and that's gonna yield more results than doing really junky five blog posts or horribly produced videos every single day. I think you're better off from a standpoint of gaining more traction in building your brand by focusing on quality. I mean, do you really care when you go to a restaurant like McDonald's used to talk about billions served or whatever. Well, that's great. How's the food? Do you know what's the quality of the food? The quantity of the food doesn't matter as much as the quality of the food. 
▶️ [18:13] I randomly ran into somebody who I've known for years at Starbucks yesterday, and I mentioned Canva and he uses it too. And we were both talking about how we're not designers, but you can design great stuff with Canva and it doesn't cost that much and you can actually do some free stuff on there. But I would suggest bumping it up to a subscription so you have better access to more tools and more templates and those sorts of things. I mean, the stuff I create with Canva is just amazing. And another one I'll mention real quick is called Looka, L O O K A. I've created logos on that site that would rival I think anything, any person could design. Now, should you use it for every logo? No, but it's AI-powered and it gives you lots of flexibility in terms of color choices and font choices and those sorts of things. And  I'm a huge fan. I'm not a paid spokesperson for either one of those brands, but Canva and Looka are definitely worth looking into.

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