From Paralyzed to Purposeful: Spreading Joy Around the World with Barry Shore

social media Mar 06, 2023
From Paralyzed to Purposeful: Spreading Joy Around the World



Known as the “Ambassador of JOY,” Barry Shore is a Mental Wellness Activist, philanthropist, and former quadriplegic who is now swimming around the world!

Barry has distributed millions of “Keep Smiling” cards worldwide and a philanthropic platform featured in Oprah Magazine.

In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Barry shares how to be emotionally bulletproof no matter the circumstances. This is sure to be an uplifting conversation!



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [1:06] So we talk about what's called the Three Fundamentals of Life, because these three fundamentals enable you to be happier, healthier, and wealthier. Who doesn't want that? Right? And the three fundamentals are, number one, life. Your life is purpose. And when you lead a purpose-driven life. Number two happens in this case, good. Number two, you go mad. Now MAD is a wonderful acronym that stands to make a difference. You lead a purpose-driven life. You make a difference in the world. And the third fundamental is to unlock the power and the secrets of everyday words and terms so that you can find their positive, purposeful, powerful, pleasant essence of them. And again, be happier, healthier, and wealthier. So I'd like to share with you one right now that I urge everybody to internalize, utilize, and leverage in their life. Cause we'll make a difference for you. And that word is smile. Now smile stands for seeing miracles in life every day. Seeing miracles in life every day. 
▶️ [3:54] Barry, your story is so inspiring and I wondered if I could go a little deeper with you. I'd love to know a little bit more about your day-to-day because I know what you represent. You have amazing acronyms and I love that you shared some of them with us already. But this is a world where we are bombarded by a lot of Media, a lot of messages, and a lot of negativity. And I wonder like, do you watch the news? I mean, do you even take those types of inputs in, or are you the person who doesn't really pay attention to all of the bad things that are going on in the world? 
▶️ [6:27] You know, people think of a machine, a little cog says, “Well, just a cog.” Well, without you the machine doesn't work. You are the key to making this world a better place. You are the key. This show, by the way, is as nice as Barry Shore is okay. It's not about me as wonderful as Sheryl. It's not even about her. It's about you. It's about you becoming the best you possible. And one of the best ways to do that is to again, be your own spiritual chiropractor. You can do that by listening to podcasts like Sheryl has. To me cause I'm the ambassador of Joy. I share with people Pathways to success so you can learn to utilize stress even to your advantage and learn to live in Joy Daily no matter the circumstances. And look, I'm living proof. It took me years. Years to be able to sit up and put my feet over the edge of the bed. That was my goal. That was like visualized Sheryl. It still takes me 10 minutes to get out of bed today, but guess what? I get out of bed. 
▶️ [8:30] So stress is a great acronym that stands for Stomach Turning Reality enabling self-sabotage. Ah, do you know what happened? I lost my job. We might lose the house. My cousins committed suicide. The kids are going crazy at school. The country's falling apart. And that's how people either look physically or that's how they are internal. And internally it's even worse cuz you're really causing damage to yourself. But we're gonna do a shift. And you're gonna internalize and utilize the six most important words you could ever learn. These words are chosen, not chance. Determine your destiny. Choice, not a chance. Determines where you're gonna go and the trajectory. So let's take this look at the same exact word. Stress. Do a shift in stress. Stress stands for stomach-turning reality. It's true. You may have lost your job, or you may lose your house or your cousin, and they commit suicide. Kids are going crazy at school. Countries are falling apart. Enabling self-success. what did he say? Self-success from stress? Yes. Remember, choice, not chance determine your destiny. How you choose to respond in any given situation makes all the difference, when you can shift your perspective. Now, you asked me, Sheryl, "What can we do with it?" Okay, that's very nice, Barry. I love that boy. I need practical stuff. Practical. What can I do right now? So we're gonna share with people two things you can do immediately, which is gonna enable you to utilize stress to your advantage and live in joy daily. By the way, Sheryl is a great word.
▶️ [12:13] And what you're gonna learn to do, and this is available also on my website, it's all free. I share this with the world because that's my mission in life, is to enable people to do better and be aware of what's going on, is to be able to breathe in through, you know, again, first, you have to have consciousness sit still. You can do a low, you wanna do a lotus position, great. You just sit in your chair. You can't do it standing. I prefer sitting cause it's difficult for me to stand and just breathe in through my nose, consciously, deep breath into my tummy, and then let it out slowly through my mouth.
▶️ [14:33] That is brilliant, Barry. And it's so simple. It's free, it doesn't take a lot of time. It's just being aware of what the exercise is and then actually going out and doing it. And I'm gonna do that. Actually, what I think I'll do is set a little alarm on my phone a couple of times a day, just to remind me at what point, just for the first initial 11 days. Just to get me into the habit of actually doing it. So I love that. And what's interesting about what you just said is that you've been doing that practice since you were in your twenties, which was before you became a quadriplegic. So that tells me that you've had this sort of spiritual, let's say, pension and belief before the paralysis. So where did that all come from? Have you always been a spiritual person? 
▶️ [16:50] People were calling us all the time on the way to New York City for this show. It was Saturday night. The show was gonna slide up on Sunday. It was just after midnight and we were traveling New York City on the throughway and somebody fell asleep at the wheel of his car. A huge Buick. And the car hurdled across the median and hit my car, which is a Volkswagen Beatle head-on. Now, in those days, no seat belts. No. Now the good news is, of course, the end of the story is I lived otherwise you wouldn't be hearing me, just be my spirit talking. But suffice it to say they didn't know that I would. for a day and a half. Like again, the person who was my head of, production. So she was in the car in front of me. So she saw what happened, pulled over, and the doctors, they were able to fire people and got me to the hospital, which happened to be a great hospital in a small town and they were able to save my leg and put special things in my body, titanium and all kinds of stuff. But they told, "He gotta get ahold of his parents if he can, cuz we don't know if he's gonna make it." 


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