Hybrid Courses & Programs with Samantha King

online business Aug 17, 2021
Samantha King shares her insights with Sheryl Plouffe about hybrid online courses and coaching programs


Is it better to create a standalone course or program or a hybrid of your teaching along with LIVE coaching? Samantha King from Fempire Builders is joining me to share her wisdom around which one is better to grow your business on this episode of Cash In On Camera.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:35]  I think of an online course as something that's self-directed meaning that you create it, but your students consume it on their own and without you.
▶️ [1:39] I think online courses are a great way to do that. But sometimes people who are at the early stages of their business get really caught up in having the things that they see, people who are way further ahead of them.
▶️ [2:12] Everybody wants to learn about this, or, this is what I want to teach about, but really what you need to do is talk to your market, talk to your audience and figure out what their journey is and how they see you.
▶️ [3:42] I think what I typically find and what my course makers find is that for many people, it really is important to have some kind of, to have some kind of way to interact with them and check with them.
▶️ [4:15] And that doesn't mean that you have to teach it. You don't have to teach all of it live. That would be more of an online program, but you can build in certain pieces of it that obviously fit with your schedule and what you want for your business to show up for them and really help them work through what you're teaching them, but also help them start to take action and get results.
▶️ [7:01] It doesn't have to necessarily be a group. It just needs to be something that works for you. And that, that works for the students to be able to provide feedback and progress and for you to check for understanding and help them get going. But I think the biggest key here is knowing what they want and just giving them that could decide to do something else.
▶️ [8:08] Because these people want to get to know you. They want to feel you. And when you're designing your course, you're going to decide whether, it's you on video. You're going to decide whether they're slides, whether you're on camera, whether you're off camera, all of these things. And so for you, you want to build that relationship with them.
▶️ [9:40] I think that any a beta program minimal viable approach is always important because let's think about how much time it takes to create a course.
▶️ [12:40] So things like podcasts, I speak at virtual summits as well, where my ideal clients are hanging out and, I obviously host my own virtual summit, but I have absolutely, taken that time to figure out who's working with my client and then figuring out, “Okay what could this look like?", “How could I go on and add value to their audience and help them become, be seen as an expert while also helping them help them?"
▶️ [14:09] So, spend the time to figure out what it is you want your course to do for you and what it is for you, how it fits into your business and what it's going to teach your ideal client, and then understand where they're going next.


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