What If Nobody Likes Me with Paula Telizyn

social media Sep 09, 2021
3 Keys To Leadership What If Nobody Likes Me?


Showing up, and creating businesses required Paula Telizyn to be visible in ways she hadn't expected. She's an expert at creating courage around the question, "What if nobody likes me?"



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…

▶️ [0:43] Let's just go back to why people have trouble showing up in the first place. And I think the title of our episode today, what if nobody likes me, probably gives it away. People are really a lot of times apprehensive because of their fear of what other people will think of them.
▶️ [1:18] And very unfortunate, sometimes ways that we have to unlearn things like conforming to the group. So what if nobody likes me is a very fundamental human reaction to sticking your neck out, right? When you show up with your unique work, your unique self, the way you carry yourself, the way you speak,  you're thinking, are they all just going make fun of me even though, as an adult that doesn't really come into play.
▶️ [3:28] Nothing is as difficult as the first one. The next, five might be challenging, but they shouldn't be as terrifying as the very first one. So love that you found that courage within yourself to show up on video and to really show up in your business. 
▶️ [7:49] When you want to be as different as possible, find that intersection of skills that you have, everybody has a unique way of expressing themselves a unique series of experiences, and unique zones of genius, where those intersect. That's where your success lies. That's where your difference lies. And that's where people are going to remember you.
▶️ [9:16] So in writing, express it the way you would speak and maybe even use voice to text. So if you're not a writer use voice to text to your advantage and then edit to make it readable. That's what I like to do. I will take my phone and I will dictate into the phone, into my notes. And get the premise of the idea down first and then I'll go back and I'll take it and maybe start to massage the words.
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