How to Make Fast Cash with Easy YES Offers with Katrina Sawa

online business Sep 23, 2021
How to Make Fast Cash with Easy YES Offers!



Want to make some fast cash? Katrina Sawa is a no-nonsense business coach who can help jumpstart your revenue.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [0:44] Well, they usually either have their own self-doubt like, "Who am I to share this? Or charge someone for this", or "I can't compare to so-and-so who also does what I do. And they've been doing it for 20 years and I just started", or, yeah, it various things. It's mostly head trash. It's mostly our head trash that stops us from making those offers. 
▶️ [2:53] There's a place at a time for a free call, but sometimes people don't want to get into a free call because they think it's going to be a salesy call. You're going to sell them. They might want to get through an assessment like if you're a web designer, they might want a website assessment. Or if I have a copyright manager client who helps people identify where their copywriting copyright holes are in their marketing materials.
▶️ [4:20] Maybe it isn't all in the course and offer like the first module let's say free, and you could create the collateral, maybe the landing page, and all of the funnel activities that need to happen behind that in order to facilitate it. I've personally done mostly calls. Like I find that doing calls of varying links is. I've done hotline calls, and 10-minute hotline calls. I've done 15-minute, 20-minute, and 30-minute calls. I've done hour calls before. 
▶️ [7:39] So where this is ideal is when you're speaking from stage or if you're networking at an event or a group or something like that. I don't recommend doing this necessarily on Facebook and social media. People aren't looking to spend money there necessarily, but get them to a webinar, get them to a free webinar from there, where you're going to do this, and then make it easy as a yes offer. 
▶️ [9:14] I think you can do both. So another thing I do when I'm speaking or I'm in a sales conversation or I'm in networking. I like I have this or that. So I have this over here for those who want to dive in and learn a lot more and get started now. I have this or that over here for someone who just wants to talk to me, get to know me, and find out more.
▶️ [12:42] The point is you have to know your cost of acquisition, right? And you also have to know your cost of goods. So when you start to crunch those numbers and you start to better understand the lay of the land and if I spend this to get this client and the lifetime value of a client is who knows, depending on what it is that you say that you offer. You have to crunch those numbers and understand that. But I love this approach. I love this idea of the easy yes offers because now you're able to bring cash flow.
▶️ [14:16] But the point is I wanted to create a bunch of little low-price things that people can buy. I need them to start giving me their credit cards. So the more buy the more skin in the game, the more they're going to upgrade to another thing. 
▶️ [16:08] Well, there's a lot of things that social media, I guess of course you can do a lot of things, but it's the connection. So I don't think it's different than 1999. I am backed want you to go back to 1999. Because too many people are not marketing like it's 1999, and you're trying to put stuff out into the ether and nobody's seeing it. So stop doing that and do what works is actually talking and getting in front of somebody.
▶️ [18:20] I'm a big fan of connection. I think that's really what it's all about. And it's funny when we see you and I both see so many people on social media spinning their wheels on that hamster wheel. And they wonder why they're maybe not getting the results. And it's because the way that social media is built is meant to keep you on the hamster wheel. But you have to add in connection. 


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