Create Your Own Personalized Email Roadmap To Get Your Message Out Faster with Allea Grummert

digital marketing Sep 27, 2021
Create Your Own Personalized Email Roadmap To Get Your Message Out Faster



As you build your business online, you may be wondering how deep to dive into email marketing. That’s my friend Allea Grummert’s favorite thing to talk about, so I wanted to bring her on Cash In On Camera to answer that question for you. WHAT should you send your email list?! We got you covered.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:58] I love that you said that on-ramp and I know for me personally, one of the things I have struggled with, I think the most with over the course of running my own business has been that my messaging wasn't always a hundred percent clear. So I always found myself starting this, let's say a welcome campaign or maybe even like a nurture campaign or something. And then I would change my mind or I would change my direction and I would change my message. And then I would have to start all over again.
▶️ [3:54] Yeah. People definitely overcomplicate that and think it has to be specific to this. Whereas, if you have really valuable content that you think everyone on your list would benefit from, but it's not really a welcome sequence, just let that be your nurture content. Send that out once a week while people are on your email list, while you're also sending them your new content. So they can be running simultaneously.
▶️ [6:05] So I think a lot of it, at least what I've been running into is people put to a C. They feel like they have to do too much with email at first. Think of it like a journey, right? Like you don't have a 15-page website where first day in business. So what does it look like for your email to slowly grow as your empire grows?  It's like, you can't just build a turret of a castle. You don't have branding, you don't have anything else in place.
▶️ [8:38] Yeah. So you don't have to be a necessarily a skilled writer in order to maximize the efficiency and the quality, frankly, of your emails. You mentioned and some other resources, I think that's fantastic. Because a lot of people are intimidated by sitting down at a computer and sitting at the keyboard to write something and they have that quote-unquote writer's block.
▶️ [10:06] There are so many things that go into creating that opportunity to email people through an opt-in or a lead magnet because I've heard that they should be easy to consume. Like within four to seven minutes of consuming that piece of content that you create, whether it be a video or PDF or whatever the thing is that you've created. I'm like you I've tried so many different kinds of opt-ins. Some are more successful than others. 
▶️ [12:50] What I've found with nurture sequence, not to call it a sequence necessarily, but my nurture emails. Means that I like to email my list when I create new content, you know. So if I create a new YouTube video, send out the email on Thursday that says, "Hey, here's the YouTube video." I've put an image of it, that put the link, a hyperlink, the image, all those types of things so that people know what we're up to and that's a value add. I'm not selling anything. 
▶️ [14:32] But as far as sales sequence goes, depends on what your big product or service is. If you can send them to a webinar registration page shortly after the welcome sequence, that's when people are most hot, that's when they're most interested in your brand. And you can always resend that out to your list after a couple of months. It's all testing and research too. Maybe people just really need six months to warm up to you before they realize, "Okay. And now I want to pay her."
▶️ [16:30] That information is going to be super encouraging for you to be, it's going to fuel. Your content strategy is going to make sure that you actually relate to your readers. You're not just guessing and just sending things out blindly to a list of email addresses. So I feel like a way to stop marketing like this 1999 is to really get to know your audience by asking them.
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