How To Get Real, Engaged Followers That Convert To Sales with Andrea Jones

social media Sep 30, 2021
How To Get Real, Engaged Followers That Convert To Sales



Followers are great, but engaged followers are better. Andrea Jones joins Cash In On Camera to share her best tips to attract people who care about you and the problem you solve so that you can make more sales.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [0:45] Yes. And I think the challenge with social media is that it is so public. And so we see it as this opportunity to treat it like a billboard or like a radio ad or some of these other traditional forms of marketing and really the opportunity is all in connection.
▶️ [2:07] So typically, I spend probably about an hour or so a week creating the Instagram content. And so when we're talking about that time element, we want to give ourselves those boundaries for social media. When it comes to the monetary or the money that you can invest, you can do so many things with ads, but typically I recommend starting with something organic, putting that time into creating content, and then spending the rest of your time actually engaging in networking on the platform as a business owner.
▶️ [4:10] It could be even something as simple as sending you a direct message. And so when you're talking on social media, I do suggest one out of every five posts, you are talking about your offers and offering that next step. But the rest of the posts are those content pieces that really insight engagement.
▶️ [7:25] And this is a lot of where your time investment goes into. So either I'm creating that video content. Right now things like Instagram reels and tick talks are highly discoverable forms of content. And so you're literally creating content that the algorithms are going to try to serve up to the right person. And so by showing up in that spot, that's a really great place to bring in the right people. 
▶️ [9:01] So if there's any sense like you're selling at this point, they're probably going to be like, "I want no part of it." And you mentioned something interesting where you said I shared a screenshot and I sent them something to my sister. That was funny. I have found that I love things that make me laugh. I like humor. And then anything that's useful. And that's probably more pertains to like my world is what I would help people to create would be useful content.
▶️ [12:52] It's very easy to pay someone and then not understand their input and not understand what metrics or KPIs they're meeting because you don't fully understand their role and the role that plays in your business. And so even though that's my job and what I do, I still recommend as new business owners, or if you're in that hustle stage to build those connections yourself.
▶️ [14:50] Yeah. If you like podcasts, I do recommend checking out my podcast. It's called the savvy social podcast. We dive deep into this. In fact, I just did an episode all about metrics. So if you're wondering what metrics you should look at specifically for engagement to see if this is working, I think that'd be a great episode for you.
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