Crush Imposter Syndrome with Suzanne Longstreet

video marketing Oct 15, 2021
Crush Imposter Syndrome



It's time to rewire your brain for success with NLP Master Coach Suzanne Longstreet. On this episode of Cash In On Camera, Suzanne shares how you can go from invisible to invincible and crush imposter syndrome once and for all.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [0:48] Imposter syndrome affects way too many of us. And research has said up to 82% of people have identified with imposter syndrome at one point in their life. And it has many behaviors underneath it. Things like I'm not good enough. I don't feel worthy. And even things that you wouldn't think fall underneath it. It needs to be perfect before I'm going to post it on social media. It needs to be perfect before I will show up and do a video with somebody.
▶️ [2:50] The thing I like to do and recommend to my clients is to recognize it. Just pay attention to those thoughts. "Am I doing this because it's the need to be perfect? It has to be perfect before I'm willing to post it on and on staying up and putting too much time into it. Whoa, is this healthy working for me, or is this imposter syndrome?" And when we can label it as, "Oh, this is imposter syndrome, this is stopping me from getting that posted on LinkedIn."
▶️ [4:12] I recognize that this is Impostor Syndrome. And then you say my imposter syndrome is keeping me from making that post or making that video. That's not healthy either, because then you're saying that you own it. 
▶️ [6:44] Hmm. Thank you. I'll share with you is every single symptom of imposter syndrome is something that one of my clients, every single client comes to. They have a component of it because there are multiple things. And I have more information about this. In fact, I've even got a quiz and assessment that people can do on my website to find out what degree they might identify with it or have it, or how it might be stopping them. 
▶️ [8:16] So here's the funny thing. I believe that the unconscious mind or the subconscious creates has had something happen that is almost like a seed and it always happens before age seven. So childhood. Yes. And then for example, as we go through life, there's the spiral. And so that seed, which was planted, say at five then becomes our unconscious mind is seeking proof that belief that we had at the age of five is true.
▶️ [10:12] I can't even tell you how many things I've tried and failed over the last eight or nine years, but it's part of the process. And I think a lot of people would benefit from just getting out there and experimenting with things and just trying things and listening, you're not going to melt. If you make a landing page or something or do something that isn't going to like work out.  
▶️ [12:10] Yeah. I like what you said there about building up your subconscious mind that even though through those actions, all be it imperfect in your mind, or it's not done the way the people that you aspire to be like do it. But it's not really about the process of other people judging your work as much as it is the exercise of you building up your subconscious. I never thought of it that way.
▶️ [14:12] Yeah. I don't cold call anymore. I genuinely open up and have conversations with people, and meet with their network. I think that networks Sheryl, you, and I met in a networking group and I love building connections with people through networking.  
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