Embracing Your Flaws All The Way to the Bank with Precious Williams

online business Oct 28, 2021
Embracing Your Flaws All The Way to the Bank!




We all have flaws so why is it so hard to embrace them? In this episode of Cash In On Camera, The #KillerPitchMaster Precious L. Williams shares how you can finally own your imperfections, allow others around you to feel safe sharing theirs, and leverage it to grow your business.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [2:02] You don't have to be born with wealth and you can still make it wow. Or that ordinary life is probably what most people live. And it does have these exciting moments. Well, sometimes we're so busy looking at the gossip, rags, or looking at all kinds of stuff. 
▶️ [5:43] That was because I grew up in very difficult circumstances with parents who abused and neglected me and my grandmother is something about if I think about her, she used to tell her children. You know what I'm saying, "Oh, she be cooking and cleaning for me." And she's like, "Precious is going to have someone to do that for her." My grandmother back in the day says that because she knew where I was going. And she knew that I had to give the speech. She knew that Oprah was going to know my name. She knew that I was going to be a billboard at Times Square.
▶️ [7:31] Success is the best revenge. It is. Because while people tell you what you cannot do, because it didn't happen for them or they didn't try hard enough, or maybe it just wasn't in the courts. This is in my soul. It took me into my thirties to realize what God hit me on this earth. I've been speaking since I was 16, but in my late thirties, that's when I found out who I really was.
▶️ [9:02] I'm just going to be myself because I know that's my heart's calling. You mentioned how we can, maybe as entrepreneurs make other people feel safe, sharing their imperfections with us. And I think that's especially important in the coaching world, the coaching and consulting world. How can we make other people, clients, feel more willing to share their imperfections and frankly, their stories, and maybe those are long-held, deep beliefs that don't serve them anymore. How can we help them open up so that they can grow?
▶️ [12:11] So we can run and tell anything about my past. I'll tell it first and I'll tell them, I'll tell the real story. And I want people to know that you can fall there's life after failure. There's life after cancel culture. There's life after bad relationships, there's life after your family turns their back on you. Friends turn their back on you. And there is life after that. 
▶️ [14:26] Did I ever think I could walk into Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Federal Reserve Bank into a quick book, NBC, Universal, and be the keynote speaker at a lot of these different events. Did I think that would happen? but when I told the truth, the doors opened. And I had no idea, I was so used to, "you got to look and sound and act a certain way", even if you didn't feel that. 
▶️ [16:49] Precious, thank you so much. This is so enlightening. And I think that for myself included, the willingness to be more vulnerable, I think is something I'm taking away from this. And it's something I've done a little bit of it over the last many years, but I know there's more to do and you've inspired me.
▶️ [19:17] And so, we're not marketing like as in 1999 and take advantage of everything. I do Facebook lives, LinkedIn lives, you know, we'd be getting an in and this is a way of new people getting to see you, instead of feeling like you're only going to see the same people. 
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