Turning Your Professional Experience Into A Profitable Coaching Program with Jared Loman

online business Nov 11, 2021
Turning Your Professional Experience Into A Profitable Coaching Program



Coaching is a billion-dollar industry. Why not make it work for you? In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Jared Loman from Kajabi shares how coaching can be viable and even exceed your corporate salary if done right with knowledge-gained insights into what makes people tick!



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:14] So for the coaching industry, this is something that here at Kajabi we've recently like really, really kind of dug into. About a month ago, we released a coaching-specific feature on our Kajabi platform. So I like to think that I have a very unique perspective on this. I see this through the lens of all of our customers like yourself,  using our platform to be successful coaches.
▶️[3:57] I think beginning to validate your idea, is there a market that exists for the type of coaching that you want to offer?  I think over the course of the years like I think coaching has really existed forever. We just may not have called it coaching. When you're thinking about very typical example is coaching and sports, of course. If you want to get better at swinging the baseball bat, of course, you're going to reach out to your coach to help you. This is something that's been around forever.
▶️ [5:05] And if you think about people who are in a career for, I don't know, 10, 15, 20 years, I think they take for granted the specialties that they have gained or the knowledge and insights and wisdom, frankly, that they've gained using a variety of different maybe tools or technologies or systems. 
▶️ [7:22] I love that. I don't know if you're familiar with the article 1000 true fans, where it talks about if you have 1000 true fans, you can actually make a really good living and set yourself up, even with that number of people. And I would even argue it could be lower than that.
▶️ [9:05] Yeah. I've been with Kajabi since late 2018 and have found ways to be able to still create courses and digital products and do coaching and the like with the tool. But now more recently, Kajabi has launched these coaching-specific tools. Can you speak to us about that and what brought that on? And also really what the features are of this coaching program?
▶️ [12:08] Sure. I mean, I'm actually sitting in my home office in Hawaii right now. So I'm a big fan of the work-from-home mentality. That's aside from the point though, like I think one of the things that like really excites me the most about this is like, from the perspective that I have here, it's been amazing to see so many people.
▶️ [14:39] Jared, I have to tell you that when I became a Kajabi hero when you send us the little pin in the mail. I was so excited because you know why I think it's because when you've done it once it can be done again. And now all of a sudden you have hope and now all of a sudden you have options and you see a way forward, especially if you're feeling stuck.
▶️ [16:49] Oh, Jared, that warms my heart. It really does because we've only known each other for a short time. And I love that you were feeling comfortable enough to share that because what you just shared will help. So many other people who are introverts or people who are feeling shy, which there are many who know they should be doing video and who know they should be visible, but they're fearful, apprehensive, and nervous. And the fact that you just shared that I think will help a lot of people. 


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