From Corporate Meltdown To Miracle Mindset Coach with Elvira V. Hopper

online business Nov 15, 2021
From Corporate Meltdown To Miracle Mindset Coach



A corporate mental breakdown caused Elvira Hopper to leave behind two respected healthcare careers and lean into her 'Authentic Act 2' as a life and business coach. In this episode of Cash In On Camera, Elvira reveals how she knew it was time for massive upheaval and what she did to save herself. 



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear…  

▶️ [1:00] I was destined to be there because I saw these women on stage and I just loved them. They were beautiful, they were talented and they were dancing and singing. And I just felt like I was one of them. And afterward, my father worked downstairs in this restaurant. The cabaret was upstairs and he goes, "Do you want to meet them?" And I was this fat little Italian kid, honestly, sitting in the audience and it was not my emotions. I was an emotional child being an artist and whatnot.
▶️ [3:35] And this is the thing about living in alignment, which I think is really the core of the work that you do now. And that you feel divinely called to do, is because when you live in alignment to your point, it never really feels like you're working because you're living your purpose, you're living your passion.
▶️ [5:53] Well, I didn't willingly let it go. I had a breakdown. I couldn't do that job anymore. So I literally had a meltdown in front of a client, a physician, and my boss. And that was it. I knew that was the end. It was the straw that broke the camel's back.
▶️ [7:08] It's no longer a shit show it. You can be a miracle magnet and you get like amazing things happen. Like just this past week I won two awards in the Mississauga reader's choice awards. Best life coach in the gold category. I don't say this to brag, but I say, when you get into alignment, miracles find you. I didn't go looking for this. Somebody nominated me, and some friends voted for me.
▶️ [9:22] And so I think a lot of people still stay stuck in that way of thinking or those philosophies. And so I love that you said that, you found your way out of that and you really saved yourself after the breakdown. 
▶️ [11:47] The first step is there are a lot of us that have left the rat race to live our truth and reach out and talk to one of us. Because seriously, a lot of us give our complimentary calls just to get people started on their path. Whether it's me or someone else, I can recommend it because I'm intuitive and I get messages from spirit that guide my clients. So I do complementary calls. I have two different types and if someone is interested, they can reach out and see if they resonate with one or the other. 
▶️ [14:05] You don't even need to know the, how you just need to know why and what you want. That's the decision and then the universe comes and fills it with the how. And I've been blessed every moment of 11 years. And it's not that it's been easy, but it's been all about either winning or learning, toward being what I'm supposed to be. 
▶️ [16:39] This was the message I needed to hear today. And this is a lady I want to talk to because even if I don't recommend her working with me, I have tons of other amazing people I can recommend. Because there's no point being stuck where you are for the rest of your life.


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